Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under eyes can be attributed to allergies, insufficient sleep, heredity or the result of an illness. One can get rid of dark circles under eyes by adopting a healthy lifestyle devoid of irregularities.

Adequate sleep prevents the skin from getting paler and maintains a sound circulation. One should chalk out a definite period for refreshing sleep and no deviation from the same should be allowed to set in. One should keep away from undue stress and anxiety.


Abstinence from drug and alcohol consumption will be conducive to sound sleep and helps in getting rid of dark circles under the eyes.

No compromise should be done on the vitamin, calcium and magnesium intake front. They tend to bolster the adrenal gland’s function and improve the absorption of B6.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes?

One should stay away from junk food and consume a balanced diet with an abundance of water. Cosmetic problems like discoloration under the eye stem from vitamin deficiency.

According to Dr. Brian Abrams Optometrist, Lower level of antioxidants and inadequacy of Vitamin K can give rise to dark circles.

One should consume an abundance of vegetables and fruits, notably spinach, cabbage, and leafy green vegetables. Vitamin supplements should be taken and the body should be suffused with sufficient fluids.

One should cut down on the amount of salt taken along with food to effectively get rid of dark circles under the eyes. An excess of salt consumption will cause the body to hold back water in unusual spots which may give rise to puffiness beneath the eyes.

Accumulation of salt in the body will adversely impact the circulation and tend to get the blood vessels beneath the skin to have a darkish or bluish appearance.

One should quit smoking as this habit tends to give rise to vascular problems that cause blood vessels to be bluish and appear prominently under the eyes.

Skin is hypersensitive to stress and will immediately reflect the emotional mood by letting a black glow appear under the eyes. One should relax more and stay at a safe distance from anxiety and depressive

An ongoing health problem can also lead to dark circles and the expert help of a medical practitioner should be sought to have the situation remedied. Cosmetic solutions will also help to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.