How to Get Whiter Teeth and Bright Smile Naturally?

As we age through the years, our teeth tag along with us as they grow and experience discoloration.

Sometimes this change of color to yellowish or obtaining spots is due to the food or drinks we take in such as cherries, coffee, red wine, tea, and cola; and other times it is because of smoking and bad personal hygiene. It can even be an effect of using certain medications.

As long as we age and do not place extra care for our teeth, they will experience discoloration.

White teeth smile

Getting Started

Tooth whitening helps bring back that white color in our teeth. It lightens the teeth and helps in removing stains.

But this doesn’t whiten teeth over time.

This is a procedure that has to be done over and over in order to achieve a bright, white color, and maybe done either at a dental clinic or at home.

If you want to go through the process at a dental office, the dentist will have to first ask about the possible causes and take a photo of your teeth to see progress or changes.

The dentist will then clean your teeth from bacteria, and you’re ready to start the procedure.

Types of whitening

As such there are two types of whitening procedures.

The first is non-vital whitening. This is done on teeth that have had root canal treatment and have no live nerves.

The other type is vital whitening. This is used for teeth that still have live nerves. Here, your dentist will use a powerful whitening gel.

The gel will then be activated by a specialized light or laser, which makes it faster. This process takes up to 30 to 90 minutes. To get a very bright color, a maximum of three appointments is required.

If you prefer to do it yourself at home, the dentist will provide you with trays for the gel, and this gel should perfectly fit your teeth. The procedure has to be done every day for two to three weeks.

If your desired color has not been reached, you may go on with the procedure to four or more weeks.

Although whitening can help your teeth, it may also damage your gum. There is a possibility that your gum will get irritated. If you notice them turn to white or become sore, have it checked with your dentist.

It is also not advisable to take this procedure if you are pregnant, since it may cause serious damage to the fetus.

Bear in mind that your white teeth are only temporary. As you continue living, you still go through tooth discoloration. If you avoid the stain-causing habits and foods, your white teeth may stay the same until about a year.

Still, you have to re-whiten those teeth if you want to maintain that bright, white color. As long as you don’t have irritation or you’re not carrying a child in you, then you’re good to go.