Going Organic Is Not Easy, but It’s worth the Struggle

Switching to organic products seems like a new trend in the world. Everybody is talking about organic food, clothes, makeup and other skin products. What does organic really mean and what are the actual benefits of turning to it? We will try to list a couple of main reasons why using organic products is beneficial for you and your health but also why it is worth your time, money and patience.


It’s Healthy

Organic products are made of all natural ingredients, plants and flowers that are non-toxic and aren’t harmful for your skin. They are much healthier than conventional products that contain all sorts of toxic chemicals that cause irritations, allergies and different skin issues. Switching to organic skin care you are providing yourself the care that your body needs.

Other products are known to have many negative effects on your health do to the high amount of toxins in them which can easily get absorbed in your skin and get into your bloodstream. Switching to organic is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin and for people who are prone to all sorts of skin conditions. That is because these products contain many antioxidants and vitamins that nurture your skin and keep it hydrated and healthy.

It’s Eco and Animal Friendly

And as it is good for your health it is also good for the environment and the animals too. They don’t pollute or damage the environment and using these products you actually contribute to your surroundings by leaving a much smaller carbon footprint. Many chemicals that are used in conventional products evaporate in the air and cause pollution, while organic products are made from vegetable and plant oils and don’t damage your surroundings.

Also, a very important aspect of organic products is that they are animal and vegan friendly. This means that these products aren’t tested on animals. Most of them have labels on them that signify no animals testing, so when buying these products be sure to look for a green leaping bunny logo. So not only are you looking out for yourself, you are also looking out for the whole planet too.

It’s Socially Beneficial and Sustainable

And beside the fact that they are good for your health, the environment and the animals, they are also good because they promote the fair trade movement. Fair trade is a social movement whose goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. So by purchasing organic products you are actually supporting the members of the movement who are striving for higher social and environmental standards.

Sustainability is also one of the main reasons why making the switch from conventional products to organic is crucial. Trying to create a sustainable surrounding is one of the keys to leading a healthy life. Sustainable products are those products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits all the while protecting the public health and environment over their whole life cycle. This is done by extraction of raw materials until the final disposal.