Good Hair Day – Why It Matters?

In this day and age, the biggest sense of insecurity lies within our physical appearance. How well our day goes is largely dictated by how we look in-front of the mirror.

That may be the reason why both men and women spend countless of hours dressing themselves up for work, social gatherings or a date with their significant other.

good hair

We can all agree that looking good makes us feel confident, which in turn stimulates the production of our ‘feel-good’ dopamine hormones.

Also known as the Science of Momentum, these ‘small victories’ earlier on in the day compounds, snowballs and motivates us to take on the challenging, nitty gritty tasks that life constantly demands from us throughout the day.

In other words, the way we present ourselves to others play a crucial role in our productivity throughout the day.

One company that understands the importance of looking good and feeling good for enhancing self-esteem and subsequently productivity, is Easy Hair Co, an e-commerce store that focuses on providing their customers with a second chance for change.

After getting hold of one of their employees, Ethan mentioned that the “why” behind the company was to allow every individual to exude confidence and take on the daily challenges that life throws their way.

It was there where we realized we could achieve this by offering high quality hair growth serum to the community suffering from hair loss.

“Hair loss in the form of balding spots, more specifically ‘Alopecia areata’ inflicts extensive damage to one’s psychological well-being as it stirs anxiety and largely impact one’s level of self-confidence.

The worst part of Alopecia is its nature as an autoimmune disease, where the body’s defense system destroys its own hair follicles, making this disease one that can be treated, but not cured or prevented.”

Today, Easy Hair Co – along with their FDA-approved Hair Growth Serum and bold 30-day money back guarantees has received amazing reviews from their customers all around the world as they stuck through to their ‘why’ and build a community of confident individuals that feel good and look good.

“This has been an amazing journey so far, and to learn that the community has seen an improvement in their psychological health and wellness really drives us to continue doing what we do.”