Great Ideas for Healthy and Low Calorie Snacks

A snack is food taken in between our regular meals. It consists of many things like chips, cakes, biscuits, hot dogs and many other things which are eaten in short quantities. Generally this is taken at evening times and sometimes it can also be taken between our breakfast and lunch.

Nowadays as the number of disease increases people concern about their health much and so they take care and look about whatever they eat is healthy.

Low calorie snacks

Healthy snacks are one of the best options, that people look for and of course it is healthy when it is in moderation. In homes healthy snacks would be a better option for the mother to attract her kids and make them eat something. In addition healthy snacks prevents from over eating at regular meals. For some exciting snack ideas and recipes you can check Sri Lankan Recipes here.

Smart Ideas for Healthy Snacks

A healthy snack is one which satisfies your appetite, provides you energy, keeps you filled only till your next meal not overloaded. You can choose many things for preparing your healthy snack like oats, ragi, sweet potatoes, baby corns, pop corns and many other things. You need to just make it appetizing and appealing.

Depending on the age of the person the snack choice can be made. If it is for kids then it can be made with chocolates, homemade cakes, milk creams, cheese, nuts, sweet potatoes etc.

If it is for youngsters it should be selected according to their taste and If it is for the old age group it should be definitely less oil, less spicy and high fibre foods for example oatmeal made with fruits, pancakes made with vegetables, honey substituted for sugar etc.

Few healthy snack ideas are here of my choice, you can definitely make more wonderful than these.

  1. Nuts and raisins with milk cream and honey over it would be very appetizing at its first look and also it’s a rich protein filled snack for all
  2. Baby corn fingers or spiced baby corns or baby corn salad with other veggies is my favorite
  3. French fries or pop corns made in home dressed with tomatoes, green chillies and spring onions and many more can be tried any time you want

Low Calorie Snacks are best

We all know that calories are much important factor in diets.  So how much energy do we need in our snacks? Only if we know this we would be able to differentiate between a low calorie snacks and high calorie snacks. 100 – 200 calories are more sufficient in our snacks time. Here I give you some options for a low calorie snacks.

  1. A big bowl of vegetable or fruit salads will never cross 100-200 calories and will satisfy your appetite
  2. Oat meal recipe
  3. Frozen grapes
  4. Vegetable pasta or pasta salad with tomato puree or curd with mint