4 Hair Removal At Home Remedies and Latest Techniques

Today, a good number of people, especially ladies, believe that beauty is all about healthy skin without hair.

So, for achieving such an appearance they try many products offered in the market for permanent hair removal at home.

Besides ladies, men would also like to appear clean without doing many shaves per week to remove unwanted hair. Here we discuss the latest home hair removal techniques.

Hair Removal At Home

1- Oral Medication

This method performs to low degrees and obviously need consistent use as well as topical ointments and preparations. People need to consume them for a long period of time to achieve permanent hair removal at home.

Though medicines may not be delivering permanent hair removal at home, it produces permanent hair reduction by blocking the expansion of new hair.

Major kinds of these medicines work by decreasing the volume of androgen or testosterone hormones that cause hair expansion. However, people must have a prescription of hair removal drugs from a qualified doctor.

2- Laser Treatment

This method is the latest innovation in hair removal which utilizes a trademarked technological innovation named Thermicon.

It has proved to be a long term solution to ugly hair removal. This method has been utilized and improved on for around 4 years for doing at home laser hair removal.

This laser hair removal at home method works well on any area of the human body. This is a painless hair removal system eliminating unwanted hair from different areas of the body.

Thermicon includes an AC/DC power converter plus a handpiece that features contact rollers, control electronics along with a changeable thermal filament.

The applied technology is exclusive and ‘NoNo’ and which are typically regarded as giving laser treatment method quality results but at an attractive price.

3- Electrolysis

This is one of the most popular techniques that have been well tested over time. People are recommended to use the method first on any small area of the skin. Electrolysis basically utilizes electrical currents to kill the hair follicles.

This FDA approved procedure is normally performed by a qualified and skilled professional who inserts a needle into every hair follicle and renders the current there.

Electrolysis performed by a non-qualified person can result in bleeding, scabbing and in certain cases scarring.

4- Topical creams

There are many kinds of external creams using for permanent hair removal at home.

These cream decreases new hair re-growth and should be normally used along with supplementary hair control approaches including plucking or shaving. Topical cream inhibits the expansion of excess facial hairs and is only available at prescription.

They work by controlling an enzyme that is normally required for cell reproduction and other cell functions needed for increasing hair development.

Such creams need to be applied two times every day and has some restrictions. They can be only for women and only effectual for facial hair development. When the use of the cream is stopped, the hair will restart growing at its regular speed.

In conclusion, try out one of these methods to have permanent hair removal at home and look more beautiful and younger.