HCG Diets and Drops – Side effects you should know about

HCG drops and diets contain human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a hormone which is produced by placenta during early pregnancy stages which aids in development of fetus. You would be glad to know that HCG drops can help some people in losing 1-2 lbs when on dieting. But it is sad to say there exits certain HCG drops side effects too.

Some of the side effects of HCG drops are symptoms of pregnancy, ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome and pregnancies resulting in a multiple birth. They are discussed in detail below- have a look!

HCG dietPregnancy symptoms:

Some women may suffer from pregnancy related symptom when using HCG drops due to changes in the hormonal balance of body. Some of such symptoms are abdominal discomfort, headaches, water retention, fatigue, tender breasts, headaches and irritability.

You would be glad to know that HCG remains in bloodstream for three days after taking HCG drops. After the completion of three days, these symptom should subside, if they does not, then rush to doctor for getting perfect treatment for yourself!
Multiple births:

In the ovulation process, ovarian follicles release an egg which travels to uterus from fallopian tube. An average women release one egg during her menses but when HCG drops are taken, she may release more than one. This increased tendency of releasing more than one egg from ovaries is referred as hyper-ovulation. HCG along with fertility medications is used by doctors for making infertile couples pregnant.

Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome:

It is also referred as OHSS and is marked by condition in which ovaries become painful and swollen. It has been seen that ¼th of women who use gonadotropins develops mild case of OHSS which generally gets cured in a week. This is can be a life-threatening condition in some cases.

The various symptoms of OHSS are vomiting, ovarian tenderness and nausea. Dizziness, severe abdominal pain and dark urine are some of the severe symptoms of OHSS. Keep in mind that if you are taking HCG and experiencing these symptoms in your daily life, then it’s time to consult your doctor immediately in order to cure them!

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