Healing Past Addiction

If you are unsure about your drug recovery or you have nowhere to go after leaving a rehab facility, then you might want to look into transitional housing. This is similar to a halfway house but with a bit more freedom.

There are still rules that you have to follow, but you’ll also receive the help that you need if you think that you might relapse or if you feel like you don’t have the support from your family and friends that you need.

While you’re living in a transitional house in Washington DC, you’ll be free of all of the drug and alcohol temptation that you would face if you were to go home or back to an environment where you were living before going to a rehab facility.

You will be in a stable environment where you’re taught about budgeting and offered assistance for getting a job or taking classes to better your future.

After dealing with addiction, you might have financial difficulties or find that it’s hard to maintain relationships. A transitional house can help you with these aspects of your life while you try to get back into a healthy pattern instead of one that is a negative influence for you.

Another way that transitional housing can offer assistance is by giving you drug tests on a random schedule. If you don’t know when the test will be given, then you likely won’t want to drink or use drugs because you won’t want to fail.

There are rules associated with this type of housing where if you use drugs or drink, then you can be asked to leave. However, many of the counselors try to offer the help that you need so that you focus on healthy things to do in your life instead of those that might lead to the same path that you were on in the past.