Health Benefits Of Sewing

We all admit that our lives have gone hectic full of stress, concerns with so many problems popping up from different directions.


Whatever work you are into seems to be too stressful, it is good to indulge in some hobby to distract your mind from wandering thoughts. Getting into any hobby can calm your nerves and stress.

Reading, gardening, baking are the usual stuff…..have you given a thought to sewing? You may think that what has a mental health and sewing has to do with each other?

Well, Health benefits of sewing are just awesome as the activity is good for your mind and your body.

Get Your Mind & Body Healthy – Know The Health Benefits Of Sewing

If you haven’t tried your hand at sewing, this is the time for you to pick up this hobby. Below mentioned are great health benefits that sewing offers:

  1. It is great mind relaxing activity, soothing your nerves and calms down your jitters
  2. Like any other craft activities; sewing activity increases your dopamine levels which makes you feel positive
  3. It helps improve eye hand coordination; which means it enhances your motoring skills, relieves you from physical issues
  4. Sewing activity enhances your creativity and lowers the risk of dementia
  5. The creative thinking needed for the hobby improves your brain ability to grow new cells
  6. Sewing hobby decreases negative emotions and this thought process helps in reducing anxiety
  7. Psychologists believes that indulging in the sewing hobby lets you forget your pains, stress and anxieties as it gets you in a flow which lets you lose the track of time
  8. For those impatient people, this is the right activity that requires lot of detailing and special attention hence; need help practices to become more patient
  9. Our brain needs regular exercise to stay sharp and be in good working condition; sewing activity helps our brain to stay positively active
  10. It is believed that on an average there are 65000 thoughts a person consumes in a day, and 85% are negative ones creating havoc. Sewing activity is a great distraction and helps a person to focus on something better.

Now when you have known about the health benefits of sewing, you may be interested in buying one for your personal use. Sewing machine for beginners are now available online at a very affordable cost. You can check them out and get the benefits.

14 Reasons Why Sewing is Good for You