Health Concerns for the Elderly

People are living longer now than ever before. The problem with this is that the longer people live, the more health problems that have a chance to affect our daily lives. Currently medical professionals are trying to determine a reasonable solution for the variety of health concerns that affect the elderly today.

The following is a list of the three top health conditions that the elderly face today and are predominantly based on the healthy lifestyles that people chose to live when they were younger.

Strokes –

There was a time when strokes were commonly thought of as an issue that was most prevalent in men; however studies today, indicate that both women and men can suffer from strokes. A stroke is a condition that a person develops when an artery is blocked as a result of a blood clot. The pressure caused by the clot causes the person’s blood vessel to burst. The result is that brain cells start dying and the person develops brain damage.

The severity of the damage depends on how bad the initial damage was, and how quickly medical action is taken. While some people do recover from a stroke, the chances of making a complete recovery are slim. More than 2/3’s of people who have suffered from stroke do not regain everything they lost.

Strokes are one of the leading reasons on why adults become disabled today.   They are also the third leading cause of death in adults. Although it is not necessarily possible to completely prevent a stroke, there are things that can be done to help prevent them. Changing habits such as smoking and excessive drinking reduce the risk of stroke. Losing weight and exercising regularly also reduce the chances of a person suffering from a stroke.

Senior Diabetes –

The amount of senior citizens who are developing diabetes is staggering. Right now an estimated 12.2 million members of the senior population are struggling to maintain their blood sugar level. During 2006 diabetes was the 7th highest cause of death. Never before has late onset diabetes been such a health concern. There are several reasons why so many more people are being diagnosed with the condition.

One reason is that diagnostic procedures are better than ever before. Another suspected reason for the increase is simply that people are living longer than they ever have before. The third possibility for the rise in diabetes is that people have worse nutritional intakes than ever before.

The one bright spot is that the diabetes is manageable. The person needs to monitor their blood sugar, eat right, and try to keep their weight down. The better the diabetic is about taking care of themselves, the less likely the diabetes is to lead to their death.

Heart Disease –

Like strokes, heart disease was always considered a problem that men had to deal with, and the average woman didn’t need to be concerned about. However time has proven that this type of thinking is erroneous. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both sexes. The sad part is that it is fairly preventable. People who eat right and exercise regularly are less likely to develop heart disease than someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. In addition to poor eating and lack of exercise, variables such as genetics, environmental factors, and smoking can also contribute to heart disease.

Scientists and health officials around the world are still looking trying to find the overall cure for these health concerns, if you start early monitoring and check often you will have a better chance in the future to prevent these three awful ailments.

Author bio: Cole Watts particularly writes on topics related to seniors and their health. In his recent few articles he emphasizes on tips related to traveling in your golden years and its health benefits.