Health: Habits of Today Rewards for the Future

“I am young. I am strong. I can do anything. My body is indestructible…Or so I think.”

We live in a very busy world. With lots of projects and deadlines to contend with, we oftentimes work our schedules based on our perceived priorities. More often than not, we relegate as least priority the machine that allows us to perform all our other priorities—that is, our body.

The human body is an awesome perfectly harmonious set of equipments. It is also a very forgiving machine. It allows us accomplish a multitude tasks, including those that we are not even aware of. It can tolerate lots of abuses we impose on it…up to a certain point.

Health Habits

And when that point is reached, it takes tremendous effort to bring things back to normal. At times, normality can no longer be attained. We just have to live with what we have.

“If only I made the time…If only I developed good habits to healthy living.”

The bottom line to healthy living is maintenance of the quality of life. That means you could still enjoy the things that you do today ten years, even twenty years from now. You do not want to reach the ripe old age of sixty and just be confined to a bed, not even capable of feeding yourself. A grim picture?

If you want to drive your car whenever and wherever you want, you do regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. If you want your body to support your lifestyle, maintenance is also the name of the game.

To maintain a car, you feed it with suitable amount and quality of gas and other fluids. You regularly go to your favorite mechanic so he can check that no spare parts are worn out. Maintaining a car is not a once in a blue moon kind of effort. It is a regular activity that is always a priority.

Regularly doing a certain activity without fail, leads to a certain habit.

Of course, habits usually entail some sort of sacrifices, such as, doing things you’d rather not—things you hate. Actually, we are already aware of the fruits of good habits. At times, we made resolutions to acquire them.

But the sacrifices are so hard, so tedious, and so time-consuming that we’d rather do it sometime later when we are not so busy. We opted for the easy part; later bearing the consequences of our procrastination when it is already too late.

Maintaining one’s health is a HABIT we should not do without. And the habit of maintaining one’s health is essential if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor in your future.