Healthy living in the office

The worst cold wave this winter had to throw upon us has come and passed. We are patiently waiting for the weather to clear up before spring showers take over. Health-wise, this is the worst period – cold temperatures will kill most germs, but warm March weather helps them blossom. Our attempts to stay warm also help the germs spread. When you are working, none of this matters. A job is a job, and sick-time is a fairytale.

exercise at deskThe office is where most people spend most of the day. Our coworkers are our closest friends in the literal sense of the word. We can prefer our family or our highs school buddies, but Carol from the next cubicle is the person you spend a solid 8 hours with. When Carol catches a cold… the entire office catches a cold. For this reason, most modern businesses try hard to keep their employees fit and healthy and organic and gluten-free. Sure, one of these things is not like the other, but how else are you going to shrug off that fever?

Restrain Your Taste Buds:

Carol is the supervillain of this story too – she came back from her lunch break with pizza rolls. A bag full of pizza rolls. You aren’t having lunch, you had breakfast, and you could sell your soul for those snacks. Or you could avoid all temptation – come prepared. The office is a battleground for carbs and fatty foods, and that salad Erin is chewing is paleo and entirely unattractive. But fruit has always been attractive, as have tiny morsels. Keep 3-4 tiny plastic containers in your desk, and have them always filled with various healthy snacks – nuts, berries, sliced veggies… whatever you like. And it doesn’t have to be just your private stash. People can be easily trained to adopt a healthy lifestyle, so long as a coworker got them into it. Order a fruit box for the whole team! Bananas, oranges, apples and whatnot to go around the office. Start an office food fund and order them on a weekly basis. Have everybody’s vitamin counts skyrocket! Get Carol off her pizza rolls, you’ll both be thankful for it.

Fit People Bounce Right Back

Our parents used to warn us against spending too much time at the computer when we were kids. We told them we’d stop playing when we grew up and had stuff to do. Then we grew up, and remained at the computer. It’s ironic, and our parents weren’t wrong. Without our youth-like physique, we get noticeable cramps after spending too much time sitting and staring down at your laptop. Our back hurts, our neck hurts, and our biceps are useless. On the other hand, some of us have standing jobs, and “running in uncomfortable shoes after children” jobs. Being a responsible grown up is hell on the bones. Being a responsible healthy adult, however – it’s all about creating some dynamics in your work routine. If you can, make your lunch break a walk-and-eat thing, rather than a sit-down meal. Use the stairs, never the elevator (which is, by the way, the best place to catch a cold). Join the thousands of bicycle commuters. Deskercise! There is one thing we can guarantee here: making a small change in the pace of your routine is not too difficult to stick to, but the result is more than just your physical health – when we make promises to ourselves and we keep them, it is the most satisfying sensation.