Hiccups – Natural Remedies and Treatment

Even though hiccup is a non-serious problem, yet it is a distressing symptom. Hiccups result when the diaphragm suddenly contracts. Diaphragm is located under the heart and lungs and separates the chest from the abdomen. When diaphragm gets contracted, the top portion of wind pipe i.e. glottis gets closed and hic sound of hiccup created. Hiccups have no control over and can be hard to stop.

There are many natural hiccups remedies and hiccups treatment available. But let us first look about the common Hiccups causes.

Hiccups Causes

Most hiccups are caused by indigestions in the stomach. So, eating light diet and fiber rich diet help in proper digestion of food.

Acid reflex could be a contributory factor. If a hiccup is related to acid flux, then it can last for hours. This occurs because of temporary swollen stomach, emotional stress or excessive alcohol or smoking.

In order to get rid of acid reflex hiccups, one should avoid drinking alcohol and carbonated beverages. Smoking is another main cause and one should stop smoking.

Eating small portions of food and easting slowly are some of hiccup remedy. It is important to reduce stress. So, one has to relax through exercise, meditation.

Hiccups Treatment

Breathing deeply and holding the breath while slowly counting to ten or as long as possible, is a common hiccup remedy.

Sipping several cup of cold water helps to stop hiccup. Surprising the sufferer is another common remedy for hiccup.  Drinking a glass of water slowly from the side of the glass farthest from you is another easy way to stop hiccup.

Generally, there is no need for hiccups treatment as it disappear quickly. Moreover if the problem persists:

  • Drinking full glass of water,
  • sucking ice cube,
  • breathing rapidly,
  • breathing into a paper bag

are some hiccups remedies you can try to treat mild hiccups.

However if you think your problem is chronic hiccups, then it require further treatment. It occurs due to another type of medical problem. In such cases, getting medical hiccups treatment is necessary.

If common hiccups remedies do not work, you should see the doctor about what the underlying cause of the hiccup is.

In ayurveda, Black pepper powder, cardamom and mustard are used for hiccups treatment. Persistent hiccups can be cured if underlying cause is once identified.