Home Remedies for Extremely Painful Periods

Do you know that herbal remedies are very effective in treating extremely painful periods but if you fail to find herbs, you can resort to herbal home remedies for treating painful menstruation? Explore this article which guides you over home remedies to deal with extremely painful periods!

Parsley is very effective in curing the condition of painful periods. It contains apiol which wonderfully cures various menstrual disorders in an effectual way. If you are suffering from no menstrual flow, then you must drink parsley juice on daily basis to get it cured in an easy way.


Ginger is also a magical homer remedy to treat any type of menstrual problem. Boil ginger root in water and drink it like a tea. This will not only cure painful menstruation but also hip pain during menstruation too in an effective way. It also eases nausea and cramps during your periods.

Ovarian and hip pain during menstruation

Irregular menstruation, painful periods and even heavy menstruation periods can lead to ovarian pain during menstruation. For treating this kind of pain, include natural diuretics like parsley and tomatoes in your daily diet. Stay away from spicy food items as they can aggravate the painful condition. Application of heating pads or hot water bottle can help in dealing with pain.

Intake of asfoetida helps in regulating the flow of blood during periods. It cures all most all the problems relating to menstruation such as irregular periods, painful periods, abnormal flow and menstrual cramps in a very nice way. Consuming it several times in a day can provide you great relief from all problems relating to your periods.

One of the most distinguishing features of menstruation is hip pain. For treating hip pain during menstruation, you can apply a hot water bottle or a heated pad. Even taking a hot water shower can provide you great relief in combating pain.

Unripe banana also cures menstrual disorders magically as it helps in contracting muscle fibers of the uterus due to which it guarantees smooth flow of blood during periods. Married girls who suffer from the menstruation problem due to factors like stress, nervousness should eat unripe papaya to cure these problems effectively.

Banana flower is an amazing remedy for treating problem of cramping and excessive bleeding during menstruation. Cook banana flower in a vessel and consume it with 1 cup curd on regular basis for few months to combat any such menstrual problem.