Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth Instantly

Attractive smile originates from your white teeth. However with the increasing stress and life style changes it has become impossible to maintain whitened teeth. But worry not, here is a solution to whiten your teeth.

There are various home remedies to whiten teeth instantly and this could be used on a daily basis according to your convenience to clean and whiten your teeth. Below we list down some of the best ones which can be tried out at home safely.

Baking Soda: The first and foremost solution anyone can give you when it comes to whitening your teeth is baking soda. All you need to do is to mix baking soda with cold water and rinse your mouth thrice in a day.

Salt: Now this is a handy solution for you. Your cooking salt is useful not only in making your dishes tasty but can also help with whitening your teeth. Replace your regular tooth paste with salt and wait to see the benefits for yourself.

Lemon Juice: Now this could be a bit expensive compared to above mentioned two options. Mix lemon juice and water together and rinse this solution or mix it on your tooth brush. This can be done twice in a day for better results.

Charcoal: Activated charcoal has been used widely to remove impurities from water.  Charcoal is also one among the proven methods to whiten your teeth. You can make a mixture of charcoal and regular paste and then mix them well.

Once the mixture is ready use it every day morning and night. This can help you in getting instant results in teeth whitening and also restore your natural smile.

Basil leaves: According to TWG (teethwhiteningguarantee) basil leaves not only helps in whitening your teeth rather it can also be used to treat pyorrhoea and also stop bleeding of gums.

Firstly, you need to dry basil leaves in sun and get it completely dried up and then grind it together. Once the powder is ready you can replace this powder with your existing tooth paste.

The best way to use this powder is to use your finger while cleaning your teeth.

Orange Peel: Orange peel can be used as an effective home remedies to whiten teeth instantly at your home itself. Orange is rich in Vitamin C and help in removing micro-organisms on your teeth along with yellow tinge.

Dry orange peel and then rub the peel on your teeth effectively every night before your get into sleep. Repeat this remedy every night as this helps in treating yellow tinge and whiten your teeth.

Although all the above home remedies for teeth whitening seems to be easy, these does not work very effectively for all.

Especially if you are in need to whiten your teeth instantly and fast it is better to take the help of services such as teeth whitening Melbourne for getting your teeth whitened in an effective and affordable way.