How Dental Hygiene Can Affect Your Health and Fitness?

Dental health and fitness is premier for all who care for their health because the first source of infection occurs through your own mouth.

Dental hygiene doesn’t just mean brushing or flossing your teeth and keeping a fresh breath, it also has many other necessary parts to it. Oral health and overall health are very much interconnected.

Dental care

Your mouth has varied ranges of microbial flora that aids in your food digestion and catabolic activities but when you forget to maintain your dental hygiene, remember you are inviting trouble to yourself.

Various harmful bacteria start colonizing and making a niche in between your teeth and on gums and they lead to dental caries (decaying of teeth), gingivitis (inflammation of gums), periodontitis (gum disease), finally leading to bone brittleness, loosening of teeth and even tooth loss.

Why should you give importance to dental care?

Dental care should be given equal importance as you give to your health to avoid various dental problems.

Apart from affecting your teeth and gums, these harmful microbes enter your internal system and make conditions worse by bringing on undesirable diseases like stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes, pneumonia, heart disease, cancer like lung cancer and non-cardia gastric cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, etc.

According to a well known dentist In Bangalore inflammation in the mouth even causes an increase in the production of leukocytes and proteins to fight the pathogens, but the increased production of these antibodies can have an inverse effect on health. Pregnant women who avoid dental care often come under the threat of premature pregnancy.

Certain harmful bacteria make their way into the amniotic fluid and placenta that trigger the premature birth of the child. You can also see severe gum diseases can lead to the formation of lesions and white spots on your tongue.

So if you are one of them, here are a few tips that you can follow to get back your teeth healthy and strong. The earlier you start working on them, the better the results. Brush regularly. Brush at least twice a day if you can’t find time in brushing after every meal. Use a toothpaste containing fluoride.

Floss your teeth as it keeps the dental problems at bay. It also helps in removing the plaques and left out bits of food particles sticking in between your teeth. Get regular checkups done with a good orthodontist.

Limit your intake of sugar and unhealthy foodstuffs. Avoid tobacco. Finally, if you don’t care about your dental health, the cost you will have to bear for your poor dental hygiene will be high than the cost you will have to pay for your good dental hygiene.

Overall it can be best said that you can get your best smile going on if you concentrate on dental hygiene. This can further affect your complete health and fitness regime.