How Drinking Green Tea Can Improve Your Health

Soda has been linked to one of the number one products which put weight on Americans. Soda combined with the abundance of fatty foods, lack of exercise, and ignorance of caloric values of the foods we consume lead to a recipe for bad health and even obesity.

One product which has been gaining steam in the health-conscious world is green tea. More and more people are turning off to sugary sodas and turning on to green tea.

The simple change of going to green tea from soda may net you some needed weight loss, and even help prevent some major health issues down the road. Let’s look at some of the ways drinking green tea can improve your health.

Green Tea’s Easily Seen Health Benefits

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants. The antioxidants can help with issues which range from DNA damaging agents to blood clots. Potent antioxidant agents which are found in green tea can be also found is rich dark chocolates, red wine, and fruit such as berries.

Green tea may even be great for your heart. Studies have shown that “drinking at least four cups of green tea every day may be related to the reduced severity of coronary heart disease among the male participants.” With the fact that America is one of the leading nations which suffers from heart disease, I’d say that is a pretty good health benefit. For more information on the antioxidants you should check out this article over at WebMD.

Green tea has also been tied to weight loss. Though the exact numbers have not been completely determined, people who study weight loss with green tea find that an individual needs to get around 625mg-890mg of catechins (the powerful antioxidant found in green tea) per day.

Green tea appears to have the power to speed up your metabolism which causes you to burn calories. The studies did include a moderate amount of exercise as well.

 Green Tea Can Help Fight Cancer*

Green Tea has been increasingly linked to the fight against cancer. Even the BBC is reporting on green tea’s ability to combat the ruthless disease. Scientists have long known about the powerful antioxidants within green tea, but recently they have found chemicals within green tea which “block” a key molecule in the development of cancer. Green tea extract can hone in on cancer cells while leaving your body’s healthy cells alone, according to a different article at WebMD.

What is striking about how green tea’s agents work against cancer cells is that the cancer cells apparently bond closely together. This close bonding means that it is harder for the cancer cells to actually spread out and invade other regions of your body.

*It should be noted that the jury is still out on whether cancer truly fights cancer as the FDA has not weighed in on the issue yet. With that said, more and more research is coming out each year in favor of green tea containing chemicals which help in the prevention and fight of cancer.

Green tea may just be the first step towards a healthier life for some people looking to turn over a new leaf in their lifestyle. Green tea is available at every supermarket in America and comes in a wide variety of flavors, producers, and brands.

Green teas easy availability and cheap price make it one of the must have items for when you out grocery shopping. Next time you are thinking about drinking a sugar and high fructose corn syrup filled drink, you should opt out and enjoy a nice green tea. You’ll lose out on all the nasty things within soda and reap all the rewards within green tea.

This is a guest post by David.

David is freelancer writer and content builder for a Medical Supply Company and he spends his entire day in local internet browsing of medical supplies.