How Excessive Dieting Can Harm Your Eyesight

A lot of people are wearing contact lenses such as Air Optix aqua. Even the young generation is suffering from poor vision.

The demand for Air Optix aqua is continuously rising, with people complaining of poor vision regularly.

As per the manufacturers of Air Optix aqua, there are a lot of young people in their list of customers. Most of these very fit looking people often suffer from the harmful effects of dieting.

Excessive Dieting

A lot of people who want to look fit and join the likes of ‘size-zero’ models resort to extreme measures such as excessive dieting.

Dieting might help you reduce those extra kilos, but it has very adverse effects in the long run. Crash dieting can cause some serious damage to you.

According to many experts, over dieting creates serious health issues and is never an appreciated activity.

Excessive dieting turns you anorexic and leaves a very negative impact on your eyesight and other body parts.

Eyes are a major part of our body. They need healthy food, proper nutrition, and elements in order to continue working properly. We need a healthy and proper diet, with all vitamins and minerals, to have proper vision.

When one is on a crash diet, the person extensively cuts down on the food intake. This results in the deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins that are very important for the proper functioning of our eyes.

Some of the most important minerals and vitamins that your eye needs are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc

All these minerals and vitamins are very important and you should consume them regularly and properly.

The deficiency of any of these minerals can cause serious damage, not just to the vision but to all the parts of your body. Some of the problems that have been reported include:

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is not just the result of aging. Vitamin deficiencies can also cause changes in vision.

Blurred vision can cause many problems. Contact lens such as air optix aqua can solve this problem, but in order to have a good, healthy life in the long-run, it is important to have a proper lifestyle.


This is the extreme effect of excessive dieting. If one remains on a crash diet for a very long time, say 4 to 6 months, then the person starts complaining of ill health.

Often, people do not realize that the problem can be the result of crash dieting. They are happy with their toned waistline and ripped abs. But people are now finally waking up to the problems that crash dieting can cause.

A number of cases have been reported where people lost their vision completely due to excessive dieting. A person suffers from a deficit of certain minerals when he or she is on a crash diet.

When one only eats selective food, it results in a deficiency of certain minerals and often a surplus of others, not heavily needed minerals. However, there are foods that indeed improve your eyesight. Click here to see the list.

Doctors suggest that everyone should go for a healthy, balanced diet. One should consume all the required minerals and vitamins properly. Any deficiency can be very harmful and have serious ill effects on a person’s health.

Changing Eye Color

It has been reported that excessive dieting can cause our eyes to change color. Blue eyes are considered to be healthiest by many, while some consider brown eyes as a sign of ill health in some countries.

It has been reported that due to certain vitamins, protein, and other deficiencies or surplus, eyes can change color. It is not a very good substitute to contact lenses like air optix aqua.


Excessive dieting gives rise to poor vision and poor vision can cause other problems. Many people go for contact lenses like colored, white, or black contact lenses when they suffer from poor vision because they realize the perils that it puts them into.

A person who cannot see properly suffers from many drawbacks. Problems in reading, walking, and doing day to day tasks are reported regularly.

Lenses such as air optix aqua are the best and preferred by most opticians today. Air optix aqua is the first choice for anyone suffering from poor eyesight.

If you want to lead a healthier life then you need to improve your diet. Have a balanced diet and proper intake of all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Exercise is also necessary for a healthy body. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, give up on your poor dieting plan, and say hello to a healthy lifestyle.