How NOT To Lose Your Hair Too Early – Preventative Methods For The Young

People usually “shed” around 50 to 100 hairs a day, under normal circumstance, which is not altogether a very serious condition, as our hair is subjected to quite a lot of stress, from combing, to treating and to environmental extern conditions.

However, massive hair loss at young ages, in both men and women, is a serious health issue and many dermatologist offices are treating patients complaining of similar symptoms.

If you take a look at you old man and he’s getting bald by the minute, chances are you won’t have the Jacksons Five hairdo when you’re sixty, either.

And if you wonder why your mom has more hair products stuffed in the bathroom than your neighborhood drugstore, maybe it’s time to think about your hair too.

Lose Your Hair

What does the hair loss do to a person?

Psychologists say that hair loss is not just a health problem that needs to be taken care of, but also a psychological issue that in turn may lead to emotional disturbances such as:

–          Lowering of the self esteem

–          Lack and diminish of self confidence

–          Anxiety disorders

–          Depression

–          Social phobia

–          Identity issues

If you ask friends and family members,  they will come up with all sorts of solutions, topical finasteride, plant based herbs, to cosmetic products, medication, grandma’s old recipes (including putting raw petrol on your head) and wise advice on how not to comb or wash your hair too often.

And let’s not forget about hair transplant, a plastic surgery area that developed immensely in the last years, which has men and women standing in line in order to be subjected to complicated procedures.

All of these treatments and solutions are effective each in its own way, depending on a very large variety of factors, from hair PH, general metabolism, stress levels and so on. Some work, some don’t and some necessitate a lot of personal investment, financial investments and a long – term relationship with your doctors.

But before ending up not knowing what shampoo to use among the three we already bought or browse the Internet for hair implants clinics, let’s see if there aren’t some preventative methods we can start implementing even before we’re in our twenties.

  1.  Pay attention to what you eat. Add minerals and vitamins to your diet and gnaw on those veggies your mother insist of feeding you with
  2. Don’t smoke or quit smoking. Among all the damages smoking can do to a person, it also contributes to hair loss problems. If you can’t lose the habit altogether, at least vape e-cigs such as the blu electronic cigarette, which contain a lot less of the 4000 dangerous substances a tobacco cigarette includes.
  3. Careful with those birth control pills. Ask your doctor about them, as they were connected with hair loss in women, especially when one starts taking them or changes them with others.
  4. Careful with other types of medication, especially acne treatments that can help you get rid of acne and your hair in the years to come.
  5. Don’t subject your hair to extreme experiments. Yes, you are a woman wanting to look beautiful and nobody says you shouldn’t take care of yourself. But pay attention on hair dyes, burning hair styling gadgets, using too many cosmetic products in the same time.

As a young person, looks are very important and taking care of that is a sacrifice many are willing to do. And while nobody insists on turning the young generation into paranoid diet freaks, precautions must be taken as hair loss rarely takes place overnight.

But if you look at your school pictures from five years ago and you notice your mane doesn’t look all that rich and shiny, then it’s time to prevent looking like your grandfather in the next five years.

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