How to get a mobile medical unit for your area

Mobile medical units have revolutionized access to healthcare for populations around the world. Some of the earliest mobile medical units were for military use during times of war. They differed from stationary field hospitals by bringing medical treatment where it was needed, saving time and lives.

mobile medical unit

In peace time, mobile medical units have brought routine testing and a variety of medical procedures to populations that might otherwise have difficulty gaining access to medical testing and routine treatment. Mobile medical units bring medical care to areas as diverse as urban neighborhoods, rural areas and developing countries, providing immunizations to children, medical testing for heart-disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions to at-risk populations, and dental care to populations without access to such services.

Many people had their first contact with mobile medical units through bloodmobiles that were used to come to certain locations for local blood drives. Today’s mobile medical units have come a long way from the converted school buses and RVs of yesteryear. They’re purpose-built, high-tech and comfortable. The interiors resemble traditional clinical settings, and they’re equipped with the latest technology for screening, diagnosing, and treating a variety of medical conditions.

There are several companies that have experience custom-designing units for communities in need. They work closely with medical personnel to furnish each unit with the needs of the community in mind. The units are also designed with consideration towards the environment and economy by utilizing cutting-edge technology that reduces fuel consumption, emissions and noise pollution to make them more environmentally and community-friendly.

Learn more about getting a mobile medical unit for your area. There are mobile medical units available in a variety of sizes and equipped for the particular needs of your community or medical use. Some common purposes include:

  • Cardiology
  • Vision screenings
  • Hearing tests
  • Sports physicals
  • Employee health screenings
  • Well child checks

There are many more possible uses for mobile medical units, and they’re limited only by the bounds of size, technology and the budget of the organization and needs of the populations that they’re designed to help.