How To Get Glowing And Beautiful Skin For Your Wedding Day

Brides always glow and the happiness of starting a new life shows on their face is perhaps the primary reason behind their glow, but there are other reasons too. Your special day is nearing, and you too want your skin to be in top form. There are few extra things that you can do that assure a glowing and beautiful skin on your wedding day.

Start Early

Try at least six weeks early. It is important to watch your food habits; obviously you don’t want your face full of acne and pimples. A good skin demands work so drink as much water as you can and stay away from oily, junk and frozen food items. Also, increase the intake of juicy fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, oranges, etc.

Glowing And Beautiful Skin

Exfoliate Your Skin

Use a homemade scrub such as mixture of olive oil/water and oatmeal and gently scrub it all over your skin in circular movements. If your skin is normal or dry you can also opt for various massages that will help improve your blood circulation which in turn glows your skin.


This not only helps you to get a gorgeous glowing skin, but also make you look beautiful and slimmer. Choose whichever exercise form you feel like doing such as yoga, cycling, aerobics, Zumba dance etc. This will stress out the toxins, enhancing your mood. You are able to think more clearly and take decision by doing little physical activities.

Regular Clean-up

With the wedding preparation in boom, taking care about the invitations, short listing the wedding venues, dress, catering, photography, music and much more often would be brides do not get enough time to look after the skin. Though you are scrubbing your skin every day, but there is also more to that.

A routine skin care regime right from cleansing, moisturizing with a face mask certainly makes the difference to your skin. Nourishing your skin with a good night cream will also give you a noticeable difference. Develop a core skin care routine and you will see that this is certainly going to work in your favor.

Get A Professional Help

If you are not sure which skin care regime and diet to follow it is always recommended taking an advice from a professional. Taking a professional help will let you give an insight on which beauty products to use, diet, facials, etc. This way you will be sure on getting the good glowing results on your special day.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Pre-wedding

  • While visiting a beauty parlor speak about your skin allergies if you have, and also mention that your wedding day is nearing
  • While buying a beauty products choose the one that are milder in form
  • Stay out of the oily and junk food products
  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water and juices
  • Do not forget to put a sunscreen, not less than SPF 30
  • Avoid caffeine, smoking and alcohol
  • Avoid sleeping late nights

With the above mentioned tips and dos and don’ts you will surely see a remarkable difference in your skin on the wedding day, plus the happiness. There are a lot many things on the mind behind a wedding preparation and brides do not get enough time to look after their skin. Following the above mentioned beauty and health regime will give you the sure-shot results.