How to Get Rid of Swollen Eyes

Under-eye puffiness of swelling is one uncomfortable occurrence that most persons would rather live without. Puffy or swollen eyes can befall anyone at any given time for a myriad of reasons.

Some people will go to bed with a normal, symmetrical face and wake up with eyes the size of watermelon for example.

This can be due to a lack of sleep or dehydration among other causes and in most cases is minor puffiness at worst (slightly puffy).

 Swollen Eyes
Swollen Eyes

In some cases, swollen eyes can be major. Minor puffiness in the early morning tends to subside during the course of the day (usually by mid-day) due to drainage and the effects of gravity that naturally take effect once one is up and about.

The symptoms of puffy or swollen eyes include puffiness or swelling across the upper and lower eyelids (most common in the mornings after waking). This may or may not be accompanied by redness, itching and general irritability as well as an inability to open or close one’s eyes.


– A Kettle or pot to boil water

– Bowl

– Teacup

– Stove or microwave

– A Soft Cloth (such as a medium-sized washrag/cloth)


– Water

– Tea Bags

– Cucumbers


1) Cold Water Wash

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of swollen puffy eyes (especially after just waking up) is to wash one’s face with cold water.

The crisp cold water will help to constrict blood vessels and cause eyes to return to their normal sizes after a little while. This can be repeated throughout the day or as much as is needed.

2)  Tea Bag for Puffy Eyes

Using green tea bags for dark circles is one of the best ways to get beautiful and stress-free eyes.

– Place some water in a kettle or pot to boil. Water may also be heated in the microwave using a teacup or a bowl.

– After having sufficiently heated the water, one should saturate two (2) tea bags for approximately five (5) minutes. After this time has elapsed, remove the tea bags from the hot water and allow it cool until they are warm to the touch.

– After cooling, the tea bags may be applied to the eye lids (eyes should be closed). Cover the tea bags with a soft cloth. After a few minutes, one may remove the soft cloth and tea bags. The eyes should be noticeably rejuvenated.

3) Cucumbers for Puffy Eyes

– Slice cucumber (there is no need for more than two 2 slices per occasion) and place slices in the refrigerator for a few hours to enhance the cucumber’s cooling properties.

– After the cucumber slices have been sufficiently cooled, one should relax, close eyes and place slices (one slice per eyelid) on the eyes. The cucumber slices should be laid on the eyelids for about five (5) to ten (10) minutes.

– After completing the treatment one should notice that the puffiness or swelling has decreased or completely disappeared.


Even though more times than not, puffy or swollen eyes do not reflect a serious condition, persons who experience puffy eyes should consult a family physician so as to rule out more serious conditions that could result in puffy eyes such as high blood pressure.