How to Manage Shoulder Muscle Pain

Shoulder muscle pain can be real problem for anyone. It always attacks at an inconvenient time, preventing you from doing really important tasks of your daily mundane life.

There exits number of reasons for the development of shoulder muscle pain. Injury to any of the four muscles that supports rotator cuff which helps in rotating joint is one the most common cause of shoulder muscle pain. Trauma to subacrmial bursa is another reason for development of this painful condition. There are certain people who experience shoulder muscle pain without any exact cause as well.

Shoulder Muscle Pain

Before starting the treatment for shoulder muscle pain, doctor first and foremost examines the correct area of pain. X-Rays are one by doctor to correctly evaluate the area of pain so that the right treatment can be given. Whenever shoulder pain arises, avoid doing treatment on your own. Instead, one should talk to doctor to know about its underlying causes.

Shoulder Muscle Pain Treatment

The various treatments that can help in getting relief from shoulder muscle pain are mentioned below:

1- Try heating pad:

Heating pads having rice are very popular for combating shoulder muscle pain. They stay warm for long time. Pharmacies also have pads that can be put in microwaves; you can even try these too. But such heating pads should only be used after following instructions very carefully.

2- Ice packs:

You can even try ice packs on the affected area after consulting with your doctor. But if your muscle becomes stiff and pain increases, remove ice bag immediately. Avoid taking any risk otherwise you may transform a simple shoulder pain into a serious surgery.

3- Use of Over- the-counter medications:

Even over-the-counter medications help in getting relief from shoulder muscle pain. Talk to your doctor so that he can suggest you with the best medication program. Mild to moderate pain can be easily addressed using anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen. You can check the detailed pain medication list here before deciding the best one to take.

Recurring shoulder pain due to bursitis can be treated by infecting cortisone which is an anti-inflammatory steroid. But remember that over-the-counter medications can be used for limited time period as they have potential side effects. Also avoid taking medications on your own to cure pain as it can prove dangerous for your body.

4- Massage therapy:

Massage therapy done by professional therapists who have vast knowledge of musculoskeletal system and ways to ease inflammation can be of great help. Massage increases oxygen in damaged soft tissues which aids in speedy recovery and provides relief to shoulder muscle pain at the same time.

5- Physical therapy or exercises:

Physical therapy or exercises performed under the guidance of a physical therapist can bring tremendous relief to the person suffering from shoulder muscle pain.

Exercises that targets the affected area can be performed such as moving affected arm in a circular motion for few minutes in a day for getting rid of pain. Ask your orthopedist to suggest you best exercises that can be tolerated by you when suffering from shoulder muscle pain.