How to Recover Your Body after Childbirth

There are tons of stories, texts, articles and testimonials that cherish and glorify the miracle of childbirth. Even if there were twice as much, that would be too little to explain how magnificent it is to have a baby. That being said, it is time to think about the aftereffects of childbirth and what it really means for your body. While having a child balances your hormones and makes you stronger and healthier in every way, it also has some less than desirable effects on it as well. The harsh truth is that your breasts will probably get all saggy, your belly as well. You will most certainly experience stretchmark, weight gain, scaring and many other esthetically unappealing changes to your body. However, modern medicine has the cure for all these things.


Weight Gain

Once the baby is delivered, a lot of that fat and weight gain remain on woman’s body. Some if it is necessary because of the childbirth and pregnancy, but some of it is simply there because of all those crazy cravings that you have had before you delivered your baby. First thing that needs to be considered is the type of liposuction. Most likely, the stomach is the critical zone and that is best taken care of with the tummy tuck liposuction. However, there are a couple of factors to be thought through. The first one is the health of you and the baby. You should wait at least 3 to 4 months after the childbirth in order to heal properly and at least 3 months after you stop breastfeeding if you do it. Also, you need to know that you will be in recovery for a couple of weeks and that you will need somebody to help you with the baby. Another thing is the price. Think about your house budget when planning the baby and the liposuction afterwards.

weight loss


Childbirth can cause significant scaring, especially if the birth has been given through the cesarean section. There are two ways that your doctor will make the cut while performing the C section: vertical and horizontal. The horizontal section is more common and it involves a section in the lower part of the abdomen where the muscles are thinner and there is less bleeding. In most cases, the surgeon will be very careful with the way they make the stiches but sometimes, it can happen that your body still produces a big scar. It can make a keloid, turn red, depressed or elevated or it can be painful. If any of these things occur, they can be properly taken care of so well by a cosmetic surgeon Perth beaches will see you in your bikini all the time.

Saggy Breasts

The milk glands do their best to grow and become as effective as they can during the pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. When that period ends, they retract breasts after childbirth are left looking a bit saggy and a bit ‘stretched out.’ This happens because the skin and the tissue are stretched during that period and these things are not as elastic as they are before the pregnancy. However, there are ways in which the cosmetic surgery can help with this. One of the ways to help this esthetic issue is the skin tightening by the lifting procedure in which the excess of the skin would be removed. Another way is to put breast implants in, silicone or saline and refresh the look of the breasts, making them as rich as they were before the breastfeeding.


Stretchmark appear as the result of the skin breaking. It breaks because of all the stretching due to the weight change. The larger the body gets because of the pregnancy, the more probable the stretch marks become. Stretch mark appearance can be soothed or even prevented by the extensive and regular skin care because certain creams provide the skin with elasticity, but once the marks are there, it is really hard to remove them. A lot of creams and lotions claim to have the ability to do so, but in reality, all they do is just a little help and the marks remain there. The only option that you really have are the laser treatments for stretchmark done by cosmetic surgeons. Not all women are eligible for this treatment and in many cases they reduce marks rather than eliminating them but they are still the best bet against these skin marks.


The best course of action after your childbirth is to postpone any sort of dealing with your appearance after the period of breastfeeding. In that way, your body will be prepared for new interventions and you will have the time and the idea about what you want to do and how you want to do it.