How to Use Sensory Marketing Successfully?

As technology moves forward, people find new ways to impress every day. This has allowed marketing strategies to take advertising up a notch and connect with people via the five senses.

The ability to stimulate senses to connect with the brand has proven quite successful and the creativity sparks great interest in customers!

Take a look at how the five universal senses can help you achieve your target numbers faster than ever!



Images and graphics can do wonders as we all know. Images have played a huge role in advertising since the beginning of time.

What is interesting to note is that there have been a lot of researches on how certain kinds of images or colors symbolize and trigger a few concepts.

For example, red is an appetizing color and white stands for purity and cleanliness.

Video is another incredible way to touch upon two senses at once along with emotions. The reason video marketing is so famous is that it accumulates emotion, links audio, and allows people to visualize using the product.


Audio is a great way to catch the attention of users. Jingles and advertisements have become earworms for so many and have greatly helped brands attract customers.

A classic example of audio and brand connection is games like Fifa and GTA. They play catchy songs which when heard outside of the game, remind of the game.

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The Power of Fragrance

Olfactory senses immediately grab attention and make the head turn around. The reason Body Shop has so many customers in and out of the shop is because of the lovely fragrance it offers in the store.

Dunkin Donuts used this strategy to promote the brand wherein they would release the smell of coffee while playing their jingles. Many customers go to Starbucks entirely for the aromatic experience.

Similarly, perfume brands sample their fragrances in magazines. Brands can do the same and let customers associate the brand with a particular smell.

However, this should be done mindfully as not everyone likes the same fragrances, and finding the middle ground can be a bit of a task. It should not give customers a headache or pinch their noses.


Emotions will always garner people’s interest and attention no matter what. Humans are hardwired to feel emotions and attach themselves to things and people.

Anyone old or young always has that one thing or brand they cling to just for the memories or emotions attached with them.

If your brand can insinuate feelings towards it then consider yourself the winner of the long game. Tell people stories and allow them to share theirs.


Sensory marketing requires careful planning and tactics. You need to sit with experts on behavior or do your research to ace it.

However, if you hit it out of the ballpark with it then you are sure to gain some incredible traction from your consumers. Try it out and you won’t regret it.