Importance of Water Flosser for Teeth

Does brushing really cleanse your oral cavity? If you are not satisfied with your brushing results, running to a dental care is not a fair idea. Water flosser will be a wise choice, it just does magic!

water flosser

Water flosser or oral irrigator is an oral health appliance designed for dental care at home. This device shoots thin stream of water between your teeth at gum line to remove debris and plaque between teeth as well as below gum line. It improves gingival health.

Cleaning teeth is a nightmare for those wear dental braces. It makes you feels gross and annoyed and increases risk for cavities if not cleaned properly. For such persons water flosser is an excellent remedy.

The targeted stream of water from irrigator removes food particles and bacteria in more effective and comfortable manner. Water flosser adds moisture to dry mouth and removes sticky plaque due to dry mouth.

How does water flosser work?

An oral irrigator has three main components, motor with pump, water reservoir where you can fill lukewarm or cold water and water flosser tip. The motor and pump allow stream of pressurized, pulsating water to flow from reservoir through tip into mouth.

You can adjust the pressure on device and better start at low pressure. Place the tip in your mouth, close your lips most of the way to avoid splashing and lean over the sink. As you floss along allow water to empty from your mouth into sink. Flossing too hard may cause bleeding gums, so do gentle massage rather than scraping too hard.

The most popular version of water flosser is made by Waterpik. This is one of the best water flosser for teeth. Other brands of oral irrigators from Jumbl, Panasonic, Redibreeze etc are also available in markets. Electric appliances are also available, but manual oral irrigators are inexpensive, portable and really work well. Get water flosser and assure healthy oral life.