Insist on Low Calorie Foods – Avoid Thick Milk and Coffee

All of us like to have a tea or coffee right from the start of our day. Many of you may also be consuming it the whole day long, especially if you are a working men or women in an office.

Have you ever noticed about the calorie intake you are getting this way. Most of you don’t even have a counting that how much of the tea or coffee cups have gone into your body at the end of the day in your office.

Thick milk makes the tastier tea or coffee. It hardly matters for most of us that how much milk is there in it and how thick it is.

From now when you order the tea or coffee, get the knowledge of the quantity of milk in it. You can have a 5 % of milk in a whole quantity of tea or coffee. This can reduce 24 calorie intake daily, yearly you can calculate yourself.

Try this trick to one cup of tea or coffee and you can lose 1.5 kg of your weight per year. If you are having more than one cup per day then you can easily calculate the quick weight loss you can get at the end of year.

Similarly try to have curd, rather than skimmed milk (fat less milk). This can give you half of the calorie intake that you get through skimmed milk.

Also if you are trying to prepare the cheese out of milk at home, try to make it from the cow’s milk rather than buffalo, approximately 100 gm of both the cheese prepared will have 30 calories difference in them.

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