Institut Curie – The Development of the Curing Method and Treatment of Cancer in France

Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases in human life.

Cancer can attack all people in every age group. In addition, some lifestyles also increase the risk of cancer such as smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming fast food, and others. It makes the life of people is in danger.


Moreover, during cancer diseases is a hard thing to do since cancer affects the growth of the cell and tissue. In this condition, the development of the curing method as well as the knowledge about cancer is important.

Some universities are trying to discover more things about cancer. One of those universities is Institut Curie. This university is focusing on the cancer research center in France, It has been well known to do some clinical research about how to treat and cure cancer.

The university is supported by some research areas such as Biology & Chemistry of Radiations, Cell Signaling and Cancer, Development, Cancer, Genetics and Epigenetics, Integrative Tumor Biology, Immunology and Environment, and Multiscale Physics-Biology-Chemistry and Cancer.

Each research area will study the basic knowledge and application of its topic. They will try to make a discovery and a chance to know more about cancer and develop some ways to treat cancer. Institut Curie is also supported by some research programs which are funded by some public organizations.

The program is called PIC3i. Institut Curie also has some research teams to boost the quality and quantity of the research to find a cure for cancer.

For example, Signaling, Radiobiology, and Cancer Research Team focuses on Normal and Pathological Signaling, Translational Imaging in Oncology, Genome Integrity, ARN and Cancer, Chemistry and Modelling for the Biology of Cancer. Another research team is Biology, Cancer, Genetics and Epigenetics that focuses on Genetics and Developmental Biology, Dynamics of Genetic Information, Nuclear Dynamics, PhysicoChimie Curie Lab, and Chemical Biology of Membranes as well as Therapeutic Delivery.

The Translational Group is also included in the research team.

Well, Institut Curie is also well known as a cancer hospital in Paris. This university hospital focuses on the treatment of some types of cancer such as skin cancer, digestive cancer, gynecological cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, soft tissue sarcomas, malignant eye tumors, urogenital cancers, ent cancers, blood and bone marrow, and cancer in the elderly.

Meanwhile, the provided treatments of this university hospital are immunotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone, reconstructive surgery, proton therapy, radiotherapy, and surgery.

Well, for some patients who want to get treatment for their cancer diseases, they can go to the website of the Institut Curie.

Then, there will be an option for making an appointment. The patients can fill in the data of the form and wait for their schedule. So, it will help the patients to get the best help in a short time.

The institute Curie also welcomes international patients from some countries. They can go to the university hospital and get an examination of their cancer diseases.

After that, the medical team will help the patients in some treatment processes to cure cancer.