Internet Addiction Disorder – Silent Killer

People would have never expected that even browsing internet would become a disorder. You might have heard about addiction to tea, coffee, smoking, alcoholism and many other things. But now internet browsing has also become an addiction and the disorder is called as internet addiction disorder.

Internet helps in increasing the productivity of the business, learning, social networking and sometimes for time pass. But for many people, without internet, they feel that their hands are conked out.

Internet Addiction Disorder

There are few people who play online games, chat, view porn videos and many other things. Initially they get into to this to know certain hidden things or prohibited things. But later on they cannot resist themselves from these activities. Now this has turned out to an internet addiction disorder. So in the absence of the internet facility they get tensed, annoyed and emotionally distressed. There are many forms of internet addiction which are listed below.

Cyber sex addiction: In this case the people have many relationships online. They chat, become friends, have a virtual relationship etc. which affect their real life. They cannot resist themselves from viewing the porn sites and getting into adult chat rooms. Researchers have provided evidence that there are more physiological changes as when compared to their real life relationships.

Social networking addiction: Here people just get into the common networking sites in an idea that they are continually in contact with their friends. They unknowingly spoil the real friends and family due to this virtual relationship. They sit seeing the photos and updates of their virtual friends.

Addiction to online browsing: This is simply the browsing of the websites. These people want to shop online, chat online, read newspapers online, watch shows online. They do not want to leave the system. They will try to find everything online and do not want to seek for it out in the factual world.

Informative genius: People assume by browsing online they get all the facts around the world. Yes this is true, but this does not mean that there is no need of the real world. They keep on searching for facts online. They even think they are informative genius and fear to come out of it with a thought that they may lose some news.

Does this happen really?

You may have a feel that all these information are just junk and not real. But internet addiction disorder is a real one which is currently affecting millions of people. For instance in South Korea Govt has found out that there are murders, an increase in the number of psychologically affected persons, in the absence of the internet. They were easily able to find out this because most of their country people were habituated to internet cafes.

What is the Major cause?

The foremost reason for the internet addiction disorder was the stress faced by the people. In the initial stage internet helps them to manage their unpleasant feelings and they forget about their griefs. But they forget that when they come out of it again, the real life threatens them with same sort of problems. So they feel better to stay online and be happy. They forget that even then the real life goes on.