Is Sleep Science Mattress Worth to Buy?

If you are tired of various marketing gimmicks followed by mattress manufactures for selling their product, then it is high time now for you to close your ear to these and open your eyes towards Sleep Science Mattress.

Sleep Science Mattress

The brand Sleep Science is designed by South Bay International Company. This is exclusively sold to clients exclusively through Costco wholesale and provides their service for users across the country.

The Sleep Science Mattress cater to variety of user requirements in terms of comfort, support, aesthetic and support for spine and other body parts providing therapeutic support.

Features of Sleep Science mattress

Before going ahead with making your purchase decision you really need to weigh your options on the importance and features of Sleep Science mattress compared to its opponents.

The benefits and features of this mattress are as follows:

  • It is built with CertiPur – US foam technology; it is bound to testing standards before selling it. This is available for sale only through online portal and makes it available for people across the country through their dedicated warehouses.
  • It also has variety of mattress to cater to the requirements of various clients. This way it is ensured that everyone get a comfortable and therapeutic supported mattress in affordable price.
  • It is filled with high quality foam inside and with top comfortable layers that does not lose its shape or foam density in the long run.
  • Clients are provided with an added advantage to use the mattress for an extended period and if it does not suit to your requirement then you can replace your order getting in touch with customer care portal. This way you can test the usage of mattress and its benefits before actually purchasing it
  • The basic characteristic of foam mattress is the off gassing. It is no different in case of Sleep Science mattress where in the smell dissipates completely after a period of 48 hours.
  • With Sleep Science mattress you get access to almost 20 years of warranty on mattress. To avail any such warranty scheme you can get in touch with the company’s customer care or with the online portal.
  • Over the years, Sleep Science mattress has gained a huge market share and has more than 76% clientele who are satisfied and use the mattress daily.

Sleep Science mattress is designed to suit to unique requirements of users and thus they make mattress in different composition and specification so that users can choose mattress for their need rather than compromising on a single quality.

To choose from the wide range of mattress you can take a comparative study on the various models that are available for you. Sleep Science mattress has models to suit to back, side and stomach sleepers.

The Sleep Science mattress also comes with an outer cover along with mattress that is easy to remove for cleaning purpose. You get to buy from soft foam inside to firm ones to suit to your unique requirement and offer a long term solution as a therapeutic mattress.

All Sleep Science Mattress are made with organic materials that are environment friendly. With unique feature attached to each mattress variety, the price also varies based on the kind you choose.

However, one feature of Sleep Science mattress is that it is affordable for any kind of users with easy return and warranty. In case you are planning to buy one for your family, you can get reviews from this site before making your final buying decision.

Various Advantages of Sleep Science Mattress

One of the many benefits of Sleep Science mattress is that it is available in various size and price option. Further benefits of sleep science mattress are as listed below:

  • Relieves stress and pressure from your whole body
  • provides ideal support for your back neck
  • antiallergic and resistant to bugs and dust mites
  • easy to remove and clean
  • breathable and odour resistant
  • warranty for more than 15 years
  • natural sleep movement and motion isolation

This Sleep Science Mattress is 100% supported by Visco foam that helps in providing comfortable support and remove complete pressure from your body. Also, it is designed with ideal heat retention technology and promotes temperature distribution on bed effectively.

Above all, Sleep Science Mattress is prone to various testing standards before making it for sale through Costco online portal. This mattress comes with CertiPUR-US standards and can prove to be a great buy for all.