Is Your Toddler Affected by Yeast Infection?

Yeast infection in toddlers mainly occurs due to wet environment caused by diapers. Often it has been seen that toddlers develop yeast infection in diaper area and in their mouth. Toddlers of both sexes get equally affected by this irritating ailment.

The best way for yeast infection treatment is to get diaper rashes cured first. If the problem of diaper rash lasts for more than 2-3 days, it can increase the chances of development of yeast infection. Though the symptoms of both these ailments are similar, but later cause more discomfort and inconvenience to your toddler.

Yeast infection in toddlers occurs as white spots in bottom which causes immense pain and irritation to your child. So it’s best to keep the diaper area clean and dry to protect your baby from getting affected by yeast infection.

Since bacteria makes home in wet and warm environment, keep the diaper area extremely clean and dry. Moreover place diaper in such a position that there is proper air circulation.You would be glad to read that application of good talcum during diaper change helps in maintaining dryness.

For getting relief from yeast infection irritation in toddlers, soak child in baking soda solution for some time. It will kill the acidity and uneasiness related with this ailment, providing complete relief from painful condition. After every bath, leave child naked for 20 minutes.

Another way for yeast infection treatment is giving vinegar bath to your toddler. Fill the bath tub with ½ cup of vinegar and warm water. Soak child in it for few minutes. Vinegar acts as a natural cleanser and kills bacterium responsible for development of yeast infection.

Garlic is another way for curing yeast infection in toddlers. Garlic is rich in yeast fighting enzymes. Application of garlic clove on the affected area effectively deals with this condition.

Home made curd too prevents and fights the development yeast infection.

Gelling grapefruits seed extract in your kid’s food is also an effective way to cure yeast infection.

As parents, it is also important to get yourself acquainted with regular causes of yeast infection in toddlers in order to prevent the problem and safeguarding your toddlers from pain and discomfort caused due to this ailment. Trust me, with little extra attention and care, you can definitely protect child from this painful condition and give your toddler a well-deserved happy life free from all kinds of such ailments.

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