Keeping Your Children Active without the TV

It is always a drag to listen to our parents and grandparents criticize the computerized ways of Today. How many times have you heard their stories about how they used to spend, not days, but entire summers outside, playing and hanging out as kids? How many times have they cursed the computers, video games, the television and, as of more recently, the Internet? While some of it is a consequence of the age gap, as their own older peers have also probably criticized their ways of life, a part of it certainly falls in the category of truth.

kid computer

Having active lives is not only recommended for grown-ups, but, perhaps even more so, to the youth of today. While staring at computer screens, browsing the internet is a great learning experience and a plentiful fountain, rich with information, the health benefits are non-existent, as it leads our youth towards a closed-in, introvert lives, rendering them unable to connect with other people.

The DIY pastimes like the famous pillow forts are a great source of useful distraction for your kids. In addition to the benefit to their development, “toys” like these can provide a perfect distraction in order for you to get your work done, make dinner, or even work out.

When it comes to the development of their creative side, educational toys are always a better answer to the world of Call of Duty and Warcraft.file000575982080


A couple of years ago, children would miss out on fantastic educational stories, owing to the fact that their parents just couldn’t get around to reading to them. And who could blame them? I know, I know, it is the duty of the parent to always find time for their children, but in this fast-paced world of progress, one struggles with finding time to spend on a bunch of things. However, a double-edged sword that the world of today is, it has provided us with numerous technological improvements. Therefore, select a couple of good, children’s audiobooks, stuff your iPod with them and, give your kid a wonderful learning experience, and enjoy some free time that you have rightfully earned, as a bonus.

It is a known fact that most of art comes out of boredom with reality, and in this world, where there’s always some new pastime in which to wallow, our youth can’t seem to get in touch with their artistic, inner selves. So buy a toy instrument and turn off that TV! Children’s drum sets, keyboards, guitars are a popular and rising new trend. Your child will quickly get immersed in the interesting world of music and experimentation that has been proven to make for a great experience, both educational and spiritual.

Keeping your children busy, active and constantly learning is a crucial way of equipping them with tools to meet the trifles of the world of grown-ups head-on. A person should be at a constant state of learning, a process that schools are only a part of. So go buy some useful toys, spur your kids on with a couple of ideas, and let nature take its course!