5 Tips to Keep Kids Active and Healthy

It used to be as easy as sending your kid outside in search of the neighbor kids, but times have changed there as well.

First, it may not always be the safest to send your kid out to find the neighborhood kids.

Secondly, you just don’t see as many kids playing outside as you used to.

So, it’s good to meet the parents at your child’s school and set up playdates for them to interact with other children under your supervision.

Few other tips that can help keep your kids active and healthy include:

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1- Get your Kids Involved

Getting your child involved in group activities at an early age can have many positive effects on both their fitness levels and socialization, laying the groundwork at an early age for healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

There are numerous organized activities that promote physical fitness and expose your child to peer socialization such as soccer, dance, gymnastics, or martial arts, it really will depend on what your child likes to do.

If your kids like karate, for example, you can get them enrolled at Karate Las Vegas to get some great learning.

2- Make them Eat right

Most kids look for a snack when they get home from school and providing your kids with healthy snack options is crucial.

Granola bars, nuts, and fruit make great snacks; try to avoid processed snacks filled with sugar and high in saturated fat.

3- Monitor the hours in front of the TV

Don’t let your kids sit in front of the TV, your parents were right, it isn’t good for you.

Set limits, tell them 1 hour of TV, and then get them moving.

4- Set a good example

We can all strive to be a little healthier. Kids are always watching. If they see their parents doing it, they assume it is okay for them to do it.

If kids see Mom and Dad eating fast-food in front of the TV on a regular basis, then guess what?  This can happen from time to time, but try to prepare healthy meals together as a family.

It has been shown in multiple studies that kids who have a family dinner 3+ times a week at a table away from the television are healthier physically, emotionally, and less likely to abuse drugs as they get older.

Turning off the tech and sitting down as a family whenever possible is just good medicine and will keep you looped into what is happening in your child’s life at school.

5- Embrace technology

Another way to keep your kids healthy is to use technology as a health tool.  Try downloading the app, ‘Lose it!’.

You can keep a diary of everything you and your kids eat and track the vitamins, calories, and even your daily exercise.

If your child plays video games, opt for those that require movement.  Game systems such as the Nintendo Wii, which involves a lot of movement, can help.  These gaming systems have proven to be very beneficial to young people.

We all want the best for our children so do everything you can to keep them healthy, active physically, and socially and your kids will owe you!