Know How to Manage Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a condition where the patient gets an irresistible urge to move his limbs mainly legs to relieve the uncomfortable sensation. In this condition the patient gets an unpleasant feeling in the legs.

This is a neurological problem which can be associated with any of the body disorder like obesity, hypothyroidism, diabetes, renal failure or pregnancy. Sometimes when a patient is under some medication then also the person may suffer from the restless leg syndrome.

The unpleasant sensations of the leg include itching, tickling, pain, creeping, cramps or a burning sensation. These sensations generally start at the evening and reach its peak at night. Disturbed sleep for the patients suffering with this condition may also be the common problem due to this. This problem seems to have running among the families and this upsets the quality of life in such people.

Common Causes

It was found through research that this condition occurs due to the nutritional deficiencies.  Iron being the main culprit most of the patients were observed to be having the iron deficiency.

The patients with Restless leg syndrome have also found to be having folate and magnesium deficiencies. The restless leg syndrome also occurs in hands when the condition becomes severe. People suffer a lot because of this trouble and some become psychologically upset because of this.

Treatment Options

There are number of treatment options which can keep a patient relaxed and give him a temporary relief. Before going into the treatment option one should clearly know about the underlying cause due to which the disease is caused. If it is due to the iron deficiency then iron supplementation with exercises can help relieve the problem. If it is due to any other causes then attempts should be made to remove the causes.

The palliative therapy includes the treatments such as leg massage, diet supplements, following a healthy diet regime, walking, decreasing the intake of caffeine, cocaine, giving hot pads, hot fomentations etc.

Some physicians give drug to treat this condition which includes anti-dopaminargic drugs, pain relievers, sedatives, anti-convulsants etc. The patient must be taught to develop a regular and healthy sleeping pattern which will also help a lot to such patients.

Although all the above may help in treating this condition, there is no specific therapy that claims to completely cure the condition. These above mentioned treatments and drugs give a temporary relief to the patients and helps in getting a better sleep.

Above all the patient must also be taught to live better and adopt better living habits which will also greatly help in restless leg syndrome.