Knowing More About Ovulation Symptoms

If you are too excited to have a baby of your own, it would matter a lot to you to know your ovulation symptoms. This way, you would know the days when you are most fertile and ready to conceive a child. Obviously, you can’t just leave everything by chance. So, if you want to get pregnant soon, better plan things ahead of time. And one way of doing this is to watch out for ovulation signs.

If your menstruation is regular, you can simply determine your most fertile days by subtracting 12-16 days from your expected menstruation date. However, for some women, knowing their most fertile period is not as easy as this. So, one has to know other clues that would point them to the exact dates.

One way of knowing that your fertility dates is to check your cervical mucus. If it resembles like the egg white in texture, this means that you are fertile. This simply denotes that your estrogen hormone is high. Your mucus becomes this thick since this material will coat the pathway where sperm will pass going to the fallopian tubes until it reaches your egg.

Another way to check your fertility is to check your body temperature. If it suddenly increases, this means you have ovulated. Lastly, a lower abdominal discomfort may also mean that you have just ovulated. Hence, this means that you are also fertile.

Ovulation Kits: How They Work

There is a tool which will help you point out your most fertile days. These are called ovulation kits. They usually come in 1 month supply to make sure that you will not be missing your 2 best days to have a child.

This kit works as simple as a pregnancy test. All you need to do is to test your urine daily if there is an abundant supply of Luteinizing Hormone in your body. When detected, this simply means that you are going to ovulate after 24-36 hours from checking. Hence, having sex within this period will most likely make you pregnant. The kit itself is so easy to use.

They may come in different types but basically, they work the same way. Others may provide you a band where you need to compare the colors after dipping it to your urine. Each corresponding color that appears determines whether you are fertile or not. Other types are simpler. They come with a test stick that flashes while reading the result. And if you are fertile, an indicator with a smiley face tells that you will soon ovulate.

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