Laser Eye Surgery – A Painless Way to Healthy Vision

The eyes are one of the most critical parts of the sense organs in the human body.

Therefore it is imperative to have a beautifully clear vision to see, feel and understand one’s surroundings.

For Sydneysiders, this can be achieved with the help of laser eye surgery in Sydney.

According to the 2019 survey, 98 percent of the Sydney population was satisfied with laser eye treatments.

Laser Eye Surgery

What is Laser eye surgery?

It is used to reshape eye vision by using lasers on the cornea’s surface.

What is laser eye surgery used for?

It is used to correct-

  • Long-sightedness /Hypermetropia
  • Short-sightedness/ Myopia
  • Astigmatism

Two major diseases that can get cured through laser eye surgery are:

Myopia (short-sightedness)

Almost 30% of people in Sydney have myopia (short-sightedness).

People who have myopia have significant trouble focusing on distant objects, and those distant objects look blurry and invisible at times.

Hypermetropia (long-sightedness)

People above the age of 40 tend to have hypermetropia. People suffering from hypermetropia have trouble focusing on closer objects than distant objects.


This results from the curving of the cornea in one meridian (or axis) than the other. Therefore to correct this curve-related issue, laser eye surgery is sought.

People above 18 can get laser eye surgery in Sydney with a proper prescription from a doctor.

The different types of laser eye surgery

LASIK: Two lasers are involved in this method, out of which one is used to open up a thin layer in the cornea’s surface, whereas the other is used to reshape the underneath corner.

Then the protective layer gets smoothed back and remains in place without any further stitches.

Smile: This method is used to reshape the cornea with the surgeon’s help via a self-sealing yet small hole using a laser.

Surface laser treatments (PRK, LASEK and TransPRK): In this method, the transparent skin that covers the cornea will be removed and then the surgeon reshapes the cornea with the help of a laser. The growth of the skin happens naturally.

Reasons to consider laser eye surgery

One shouldn’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses their entire life just to perceive the things around them.

With the surgery, one can engage in work or leisure activities without wearing contact lenses or any glasses.

The procedure of laser eye surgery

In this process, the laser is used to target the surface of the eyes. The laser never burns the tissue. However, it is used to vaporise a small amount of the cornea. After the beam is targeted, the computer technology controls the laser beam’s diameter and the number of pulses onto the cornea, thereby reshaping the cornea’s surface in the eye.

Local anaesthetic eye drops are used for the eyes during the procedure, which takes almost 5 minutes per eye to get absorbed. Less than three minutes is used to complete the process.

Effects of the laser eye operation are as follows-

  • There will be minor discomfort after the procedure.
  • One starts viewing everything perfectly and clearly.
  • However, an extra hour of little sleep is required.

How to care for the eye after surgery?

  • Visit the ophthalmologist frequently.
  • Usage of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication (in the form of drops) in the operated eye(s) after surgery is essential.
  • Never rub or irritate the eyes.


Laser eye surgery will help in achieving the optimum vision, exactly like natural eyesight. After the surgery, one is free of glasses and contact lenses for several years.

The long-term effects of laser surgery are exemplary. Therefore one must consider it for a better and clear vision.

Author bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.