Lavender Essential Oil and Its Various Benefits

Lavender Essential oil is produced from mainly from lavender plant through a continuous process of steam distillation. Lavender oil is being used in the production of perfumes and also for therapeutic purposes.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil helps in relieving tension in nervous system and pain from human body.

Also it help in relaxing every muscle in your body, disinfect scalp and skin, helps in better blood circulation in your body that can be achieved by massaging lavender oil through your skin and treat respiratory troubles also.

Yet another attractive property of lavender essential oil is its ability to mix better with other kinds of oil and can be used for general and treatment purposes.

Some of the general benefits of lavender essential oil is as mentioned below:

Induces and helps in better sleep cycle: Lavender oil can be replaced with any modern medicine to help you get better sleep with longer cycles. You just need to place this lavender essential oil placed on your pillows and then enjoy the magic. The therapeutic factor and the aroma in lavender oil helps in getting better sleep.

Helps in relieving stress and anxiety: Lavender essential oil contains a calming scent in it that helps you in relieving your stress and anxiety before you retire to sleep.

You can use this lavender essential oil as a replacement to modern medicines if you are suffering from migraine, continuous head ache, restlessness, exhaustion due to travel and work, depression and also emotional stress.

This lavender essential oil also helps in relieving pain from your nervous system and in most cases can be used for calming and treating any kind of respiratory trouble.

Skin Care and better glowing skin: The natural properties in lavender essential oil are also an ideal alternate for your skin care. According to studies suggested by skin care specialists, lavender essential oil has properties to treat acne that is caused in teens mostly.

Lavender essential oil has antibacterial properties that helps in treating acne effectively and provide you with better results within few days of using oil. Also, applying lavender oil to your skin daily can make your skin soft and also offer glow all day long.