Leukemia Lymphoma Cancer

Leukemia Lymphoma Cancer is one kind of blood cancer. It is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow where the blood calls are produced. Since, lymphocytes, a group of white blood cells are affected by this disease; it is termed as Leukemia Lymphoma Cancer. Leukemia is malignancy of cell in blood and lymphoma refers to the malignant tumor of the lymph system.

Leukemia Lymphoma Cancer

Leukemia Lymphoma Cancer Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms of Leukemia Lymphoma cancer are fatigue, weakness, breathlessness, Even a minimal body strain results in bone fractures. Bleeding gums, frequent nose bleedings, easy bruising are also some of the common symptoms of Leukemia Lymphoma cancer.

Specific cancer symptoms are anemia, recurrent infection, bone and joint pain, difficulty in breathing. Painless lymph node enlargement is considered as one of the significant risk factor of Leukemia Lymphoma.

There are two kinds of Leukemia lymphoma cancer; Chronic and acute. In chronic leukemia, early in the disease, the leukemia cells still can do some work of normal white cells. Often, during routine checkup, this type of Leukemia Lymphoma can be diagnosed. Slowly, this gets worse and symptoms like swollen lymph can be visible.

In acute leukemia, cells can’t do any of the work and the number of leukemia cells increases rapidly. Usually Leukemia Lymphoma cancer occurs over the age of 55.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Physical examinations such as checking swollen nymph nodes, spleen or liver, blood tests, biopsy, bone marrow aspiration are common tests to diagnose Leukemia Lymphoma cancer.

Treatment depends on the age and the type of leukemia. For chronic leukemia without symptoms, patient may not need cancer treatment right away. Watchful waiting is carried out by your doctor. It means, doctor will watch health closely and start to treat as soon as symptoms begin. Thus, chronic leukemia can be controlled.

However, acute leukemia needs to be treated right away. Remission, destroying the signs of leukemia in the body is given to make symptoms to go away. After remission, more therapy may be given in order to prevent a relapse. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, stem cell transplant, targeted therapy, biological therapy are other treatment options for Leukemia Lymphoma Cancer.