Male Yeast Infection: Different Types You Should Know About

One should be aware of the fact that yeast is very important in today’s life. It is an important ingredient in beer and thus many men are aware of its importance.

There are different types of yeast and also different types of male yeast infection that you should be aware of. This will help you in taking good care of it, if at all it happens to you.

3 Major Types of Male Yeast Infection

1- Balanitis is a male yeast infection that involves the tip of your penis. One very well knows the importance of this part and thus this type is said to be the nasty yeast infection in men. A patient suffering from this infection experiences great pain and also itching at the organ.

You will also find your organ top sore during and after sex when suffering from this type of male yeast infection. In some cases, you may also find red tender spots on this very part of your body. The tip may also get swollen up and produce some white substance. This white substance is in no way same as the one you want to be seeing.

2- Leaky guy is the second type of male yeast infection and is the product of systemic candida. The type is called leaky guy because it leaks out the gut and affects every system of your body. The major problem you face during this yeast infection is that you are not left with much energy.

You feel tired and achy and also suffer from indigestion. A patient suffering from this type of yeast infection usually develops a gut which is in no way ready to go. You can’t concentrate well and feel depressed.

3- The last type is Candidemia. This is one of the major types of male yeast infection as it can result in death. Thus, you need to take good care of it as soon as you find yourself infected with this type.

A person suffers from Candidemia when the candida organism gains access to his bloodstream. It is often seen that many people get infected with this type of yeast infection from going to the hospital. You may also get infected with Candidemia while receiving treatment for cancer.

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