More about vaginal odor and remedies to suppress it

Vaginal odor can be the most embarrassing situations women will come across many times in her lifetime. There are many theories as well which are being suggested by people across the globe. Apparently not every thesis on them is true. Considering the fact that some experts might say that vaginal odor is because of the unhygienic habits of a women is wrong. Know how-

Vaginal odor can occur because of stress and periods as well. There are experts who have suggested a wrong theory about it being happening because of the unhygienic conditions which has nothing to do with it. One cannot justify that the unhygienic conditions are the root cause, in fact more biologically accurate answer to can be stress, sex and many other things. So beware before someone tells you the famous theory of being unhygienic. It’s a myth!

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There are remedies as well, which can be implanted so that one can be sure that she does not face the same problem again.

Wearing panties which allow air to flow can be taken as a remedy which has good results to deal with vaginal odor over a period of time. Air flow allows air to constantly pass and reduces the chances of odor occurring. A very simple and yet effective method.

PH value plays a crucial role

Balancing the PH value of the body is not always in our own hands, but there are some steps which can be taken in order to keep it balanced. Use of soaps which has perfume contents involved has a deep impact over the vaginal odor. One has to be very precise before making the right selections for the choice of soap as it will help in the intimate health of a woman. A wrong selection of soap can misbalance the level of PH in the vaginal area and cause it to smell. Even one does not have to use the soap many times over the vaginal area so that to reduce the odor.