Most Common Compounded Prescriptions

When it comes to compounding the drugs, wide range of prescriptions can be compounded at present. Compounding the medicines actually gives patients lots of flexibility when it comes to customizing their health care.

If you contact a compounding chemist and ask for a complete list of what they can create, chances are one will not be available. That’s because the number of medications is too large and diverse.

Not only can the compounding chemist produce different medicines, but also different doses, flavours and formats.

What Kind of Prescriptions Can be Compounded?

While a full list isn’t available, the following will provide a brief overview of what can be handled by a compounding pharmacy.

Veterinary Prescriptions

Your beloved pet can have their medications filled by a compounding chemist. This is great news for owners of animals who are notoriously difficult when it comes to taking medicine.

Compounding allows the chemist to add in enticing flavours that encourage your dog or cat to be good and stick to their recommended dose schedule.

Dental Medications

Compounding chemists can also fill dental prescriptions. This is a vital service for patients who are resistant to traditional treatments.

Compounding can be used to produce a delivery system that bypasses the problem. For example a lip balm could be made to treat lesions or a mouth rinse could be crafted for ulcers.

Dermatology Treatments

Skin conditions can also be treated with the help of a compounding chemist. The chemist can put together topical creams that are applied directly to the impacted area.

An impressive list of conditions can be addressed, including warts, psoriasis, acne, nail fungus, alopecia, skin pigmentation, even radiation burns.

Paediatric Prescriptions

Children require extra special care, which is why a compounding chemist may be a better choice for parents. Unlike mass produced medications, compounded prescriptions can be made to very specific dose sizes so a younger patient receives the amount they need.

Oral medications can be provided in a variety of flavours so children are less likely to argue when it’s time to take their medicine.

Discontinued Medications

Pharmaceutical companies often introduce new products to the medical market. That sometimes means that something else ends up discontinued if it isn’t making as much money as the company wants it to.

For patients, that may mean being forced to find something else that works just as well – even if they were very satisfied with the current results. A compounding chemist may be able to recreate the discontinued prescription so the patient doesn’t have to switch.