Muay Thai Training Still Popular All Over the World

Muay Thai is a combat sport pretty common in Thailand.  The sport uses various techniques that are similar to boxing.

Today there are ample opportunities in this sport and many like to compete at international platforms. The word “muay” is of Sanskrit origin and means “to bind together”.

The sports are also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs” or the “Science of Eight Limbs” as it uses eight “points of contact”.

This is in contrast to the four points of contact used in kickboxing. The one who practiced this superb sport is known as a nakmuay.

Muay Thai Training

Roots in the history

Muay Thai training has its roots in the history. Siamese soldiers were long known for their mastery of using their body parts as weapons.

They use the hands just like a sword and dagger after losing their weapons in the war. The body functioned as one unit in this sport.

Due to rampant wars in the kingdom, more and more people decided to take training in this sport.

Hence training camps get mushroomed all over the kingdom and were known as the first Muay Thai camps. People initially get their names enrolled in these camps for their self-defense and exercise.

An excellent exercise to attain physical fitness

Today, there are a number of institutions that are offering Muay Thai certification and training all over the world.

The training techniques are looked upon as cardiovascular exercise by many women. Hence many women today wants to have training in this lethal martial art.

The training requires a lot of discipline and helps a lot in weight loss as the sports involve a lot of fast-paced movements inside the ring. Muay Thai training also teaches mental toughness and gives an automatic boost to the self-confidence of the individual.

For ages, people have learned the sports for attaining a good foothold in self-defense. However, with the increasing popularity of sports, people are also joining Muay Thai training classes for their physical as well as moral well being.

The training is just invaluable for men as well as women that have any kind of fear in their minds regarding sports. Muay Thai not only makes them physically fit but also mentally fit so that they can face any challenge in their life with enough courage.

Patience, discipline, and endurance are some of the other benefits apart from health that makes this training all the more special one.

One of the distinctive features of Muay Thai training is the music that is played before a fight to pay respect to the trainer.

The rhythmic music is called ‘sarama’, and this also helps the person in the ring to attain a certain level of self-confidence.

The music works as an aid to raise the spirits of that individual and made him think about the efforts of his trainer and parents.

When the fight begins the tempo of the music is amplified and becomes frantic at moments of exhilaration during a match. There are also some other martial arts in Thailand that are accompanied by music.

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