Muscle Ripping Activities For Your Upper Body

The upper body is the only part of the body that gets the attention of bodybuilders; almost all of them go to the gym to bulk up their upper body. This part of the body is one that is easily seen by people, it can be flaunted easily, it contains a variety of different interesting muscles, and most importantly it is a one part of our body that is mostly used in various activities.

Muscle Ripping

One of the most effective types of exercise is the cardio exercise, but not many body builders want to engage in it. It is true that most cardio exercise focuses on the lower body and neglects the upper body muscles, but here are some cardio exercises that will build your upper body. Getting your arms involved will not only help build muscular endurance, it will also burn more calories and help you slim down.

Kickboxing or Boxing – consistently hitting those heavy bags will build a strong upper body – getting your arms to be better than most other exercise. This exercise will train your heart and also rip out unwanted fats. Search for a club in your environment, where you can learn to box, or just buy videos that you can use at home.

Cross-Trainer – the cross trainer includes arm handles that will help build your upper body and burn calories.

Swimming – swimming incorporates the upper body for movement, as a matter of fact, the upper body is primarily responsible for propelling you through the water. Using a flotation device to keep your lower body stationary when you swim will give your arms a powerful workout.

Upper Body Ergometer – You may be wondering what the heck this machine does, this machine is a great plus for people with lower body injuries. The upper body ergometer gives one a cardio workout that uses only the upper body.

Walking Poles – Walking poles or trekking poles are great exercises for taking strains off the ankles and knees, and burning calories, but it also gives the upper body a good workout since you use the upper body when you hike, walk, climb, jog, or trek.

Yoga – this single exercise builds endurance and strength for your upper body, as a plus, it builds strength on every part of the body as you work on vital things like balance, stability and flexibility. And thus helps in Muskelaufbau (muscle building).

Rowing – bodybuilders tend to doubt the effectiveness of this exercise and even the rowing machine, that’s why they often ignore it when they walk into the gym. Rowing not only incorporates working out the upper body, it also incorporates working out the lower body – meaning a high heart rate and high calorie burn.

Rowing in the gym may not be as challenging as when you are facing real waves, so you can simply join any local rowing club in your area. However, if you have never tried rowing in the gym, I think you should. It may seem difficult at first, but with time, you will get used to it.

If there is one thing that guys want to know, it is about how to get killer arms, monster traps, and every other thing that makes up a well built upper body, but you must be aware of one thing. Body builders are warned not to train to failure, as over training will only lead to muscle loss.

It is very easy to over train the upper body, especially our arm, as a matter of fact, most body builders do this without being conscious of it.

When training the upper body, remember that the upper body is involved in so many other things that we do, even in other exercises. All these things train the upper body muscle even without us knowing. So, if you are training the upper body, consider what you did previously and what you will be doing afterwards, so that you will not over train the upper body or any of its part and end up in loss of muscles.