Natural Beauty of Bali and its Yoga Retreats

Bali is an island and a province situated in Indonesia. Apart from Bali Island, there are smaller islands that surround it. As traveler, you will find that Bali has magical, natural, sceneries that will fascinate you the moment you visit it. It blends spectacular mountain scenery with some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Besides, Bali’s people are warm and friendly and they also have amazing culture. According to travel and leisure magazines, Bali is among the best Islands in the world. This article describes the natural beauty of Bali and the benefits gained while attending yoga retreat in the place.


When planning for a family holiday, one of the best places that you should consider is Bali beach. It offers water sports including banana boats, parasailing, swimming and sun bathing. Moreover, you can also take cruises from here to the islands nearby while also getting involved in submarine drive to see underwater life. Some of the best beaches that you can visit include Kuta beach which is good for watching the sun sets and also listening to some good music in evening. Secondly, Jimbaran beach is a popular beach where you can enjoy eating fish.

One of the benefits of yoga in Bali is that it helps in healing your body and soul, correct any eating disorder that you might be having and create for you a fit body that you feel healthy about. For you to enjoy all these, you do not have to practice yoga daily but rather only once in a while. The moment you start doing this, you will learn about your body and how to associate it with your mind.

The most amazing thing about yoga classes in Bali is that one class is enough for you to learn about anger, frustration, lightness resistance humility, grace and sadness. For instance, the lightness that you are likely to feel after attending these classes is like walking in the cloud. Once you start to experience this beautiful feeling, you would not wish that it should end at any time soon. The more you experience it, the more it would influence your experience about food, lifestyle, career, and even relationship.

The teachings of yoga at blooming lotus yoga will definitely make you to understand what your body signals are telling you. For instance, one of the things that you will learn from yoga classes is that you should shift to a diet that is full of all natural organic foods. This, you will not be getting from a beautician or a diet expert, but from the wisdom that your body will get after taking classes. All yoga retreats are held in natural environments which are conducive for receiving the full spectrum of healing.

In summary, apart from some of the best sceneries that you are likely to enjoy in the place, Bali is a place where you can undergo some of the best yoga classes. Why not visit the place today to enjoy the benefits of having Iyengar yoga retreat in Bali.