Natural Tick and Mosquito Repellents for Healthy Environment

Have you ever used natural tick and mosquito repellents? If you live in a congested urban locality, or even for that matter of fact, a rural area, we tend to use bug sprays which are commercial.

A good alternative for such products are natural tick and mosquito repellents which are not harmful to human health. But before using natural bug sprays we must find out, what do these natural tick and mosquito repellents constitute?

What are natural Tick and Mosquito repellents made of?

Naturally effective mosquito and tick repellents are highly effective in blowing out these insects out of your house. These products are generally made of:

  • Organic Lemongrass
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cedar wood
  • Rosemary
  • Clove
  • Lavender Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils Blend

Natural bug sprays have become extremely popular in the recent past, especially those prepared by DA Aromatherapy. You can easily use them without any health hazards as these products are naturally prepared from essential oils.

Spraying the same on your clothes as well will not harm you. If you travel to local habitats, please make sure that you use such natural bug sprays in a good amount. This will help in repelling mosquitoes and bugs in the surroundings.

As per observations from the manufacturers like DA Aromatherapy Woodland Trails™ ‘Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Spray’, should be used frequently in order to avoid mosquito bites.

How ‘Natural Insect & Tick Repellent Spray’ is so different from the commercial bug sprays?

Natural tick and mosquito repellents are useful in the sense that, it helps you to get rid of unwanted insects. Besides, making such purposes fulfilled, these products are not as harmful as that of commercial bug sprays.

Commercial bug sprays when used in large quantities helps in emission of an aroma which repels the ticks or the mosquitoes. But, most of the commercial bug sprays use N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET) which is extremely harmful towards normal body functioning.

Certain commercial bug sprays have been found to be extremely controversial as has been opinionated by the doctors. Most of the renowned doctors agree to the fact that a continued usage of such strong chemicals can have a serious impact on the human body.

It can take a serious toll on your muscle, overall body strength and nervous coordination. Therefore, it is always useful to use natural products like natural insect & tick repellent spray.