Natural Treatment and Home Remedies for Asthmatics

Asthma is a respiratory disorder, which blocks the airways. The airways are blocked so the person feels suffocation and trouble in respiration.

Asthma can be enhanced by harmful substances like chemical drugs, dust mites pollutants and fumes and tobacco smoke, etc.

So, the patients suffering from Asthma are advised to keep themselves away from these harmful substances. This is the best natural way to prevent asthma.

The various asthma symptoms like breathing, wheezing, coughing, and feeling tightness in the chest can be cured if proper care is being given.

Here are some useful ways for a natural treatment for asthma that can help.

Natural Treatments for Asthma

Dust allergens, pollutants can enhance the Asthma attack, so you must first install an air purifier in your home.

It will remove the allergens and pollutants inside your house. Air purifiers can be more effective if they are fitted with HEPA.

Taking a healthy diet can also help you to recover fast from Asthma and is considered as the best natural treatment for asthma.

Include fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, brown rice, whole grains, etc. in your daily diet. Garlic and onion have quercetin, which aids in releasing the inflammatory chemicals.

Sometimes, nutritional deficiencies may also lead to Asthma. Lack of any particular component can lead to Asthma.

People deficient in B6, Vitamin C, may suffer from Asthma, so it is advisable that they must intake supplements rich in Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

Few Home Remedies for Faster Relief

Although asthma is sometimes considered as an incurable disease, one can manage the problem without getting any complications to much extent by getting good treatment at initial stages.

A single decoction made by the help of the below mentioned herbs will give excellent relief in case of asthma.

These herbs are readily found in your home and are considered as best home remedies for asthma.

  • Black pepper,
  • Indian long pepper,
  • Ginger,
  • Cardamom seeds,
  • Chinese cinnamon,
  • Tamarind,
  • Cumin seeds,
  • Ashwagandha root,
  • Malabar nut,
  • Chebulic and Belliric myrobalan,
  • Bael fruit

Foods You Should Avoid when Dealing with Asthma

Apart from the various type of healthy diet, there are few things that must be avoided in your diet to help natural treatment for asthma.

The milk products are not at all good for asthma patients. The patients suffering from Asthma must therefore avoid all different types of dairy products like cheese, butter, ice cream, etc.

Dairy products contribute to toxins, and they are responsible for the formation of mucus in the body. Various types of meat like turkey, fish, chicken, etc. too can also enhance the Asthma.

Moreover, various type of junk food or processed food, which is adulterated with preservatives, is also injurious for Asthma patients. So, it is better to avoid all this food from your diet to avoid Asthma.

The intake of plenty of water in your diet on the other can help to recover fast. Water helps in removing the toxins from the body and helps in decreasing the mucous in the body.

The bottom line

Asthma is becoming one of the most common things among the children. And most importantly, when children suffer with the asthma disease, it becomes really very vulnerable for children and hard to handle for parents and guardians.

There are so many things that can cause the asthma and there are so many ways to treat it but the right knowledge will allow you to get access to all that possible treatments which will help you to get rid of the asthma efficiently.