How to Naturally Cleanse Your Colon by Using Colon Cleansing Herbs?

Most people prefer to use natural colon cleansing methods to give the colonic health that they are looking for. Those who understand the importance of a colon cleanse know that it removes the various toxins and waste material that may have been trapped in your colon. These trapped elements often lead to constipation, gas and bloating, lowered immunity and more. Cleaning out the colon also includes killing the parasites that may call it home.

Colon Cleansing
Colon Cleansing

Some of the colon cleansing herbs that kill parasites include wormwood powder, Pau D’Arco which kills fungi and mold, black walnut hulls that are used as a parasitic, antiseptic and germicide.

This one also does a good job as an antifungal and destroys candida too. Pumpkin seeds are also excellent where the elimination of parasites is concerned as is male fern root powder.

This one eliminates worms and is also a good cleanser of the lymphatic system. If you are suffering from a variety of intestinal parasites you should try clove bud powder.

Worms can be expelled by taking false unicorn root, while grapefruit seed extract is known to be a great antimicrobial. A colon cleanse that includes one of the above will leave you free of parasites.

A colon cleanse is not just good for your colon, but it also leads to the detoxification of other organs in your body and leaves your body systems working a lot better than they did before. As the colon gets cleaned up, the other organs are cleaned up too.

Licorice root for example cleans out the colon and heals the digestive tract but it also detoxifies the liver and blood.

Slippery Elm Bark is great for coating as well as soothing the kidneys and the intestines.

Rhubarb root is a great laxative carrying out excellent colon cleansing, but on the other hand it drains out any inflammation from the kidneys and the liver.

Buckthorn bark is another herb that can be used as a colon cleanse to trigger elimination of waste products due to its laxative properties. Combining some of these herbs will give you both the cleansing effect and the parasite killing effect.

There are those who suffer from digestion problems such that the elimination of waste materials becomes difficult. This is often because there are toxins and materials that have built up on the walls of the intestines and colon.

Colon cleansing herbs such as papaya fruit carry digestive enzymes that do a good job of dissolving the compact waste products in the colon.