Neck Muscle Pain – Causes and Getting Relief

Majority of neck muscle pain problem arises mainly from muscular issues instead of actual spinal problems.

Neck consists of vertebrae that extend from the skull base to the upper torso to provide strength and firmness to keep head firm on your shoulders and also to make everything to function correctly.

The neck muscle plays an important part providing stability, support and motion.

Neck Muscle Pain

Neck muscle pain causes

The most important cause of neck muscle pain is injury like general wear and tear, whiplash and abnormalities in nerves, muscles and ligaments around your cervical spine.

At certain time, issues relating to upper back, shoulders and arms can cause neck pain due to problem in connective tissues and nerves.

Rheumatoid arthritis causes moderate to severe pain. It strikes hard in the upper neck area of body.

All those who have crossed their 40’s suffer from general wear and tear which is commonly known as cervical disk degeneration or spondylosis.

This ailment basically occurs when center of disks which is usually filled with jelly breaks down leading to lesser space and mobility between cervical vertebrae.

Car accident victims often suffer from whiplash, especially those that have been rearended. In such patients, neck either bends backward beyond its normal limit which known as hyperextension or bends forward which is referred to as hyperflexion.

These conditions puts muscles and ligaments under stress which eventually causes pulls, strains and even dislocation or fractures.

The simple “Crick in neck” also causes neck muscle pain. This problem basically gets treated within single day but if it lasts for more than 1 day, it should be addressed immediately for its early and fast recovery.

Tips for neck muscle pain relief

  • To relive tension on the neck, take frequent breaks throughout the day. Lie down for 40 minutes after every three hours. Avoid lying for long period of time as it can aggravate atrophy and stiffness in neck muscles.
  • For neck pain relief, hot baths can do wonders. Rest in bath for thirty minutes so that heat seeps into muscles and grant quick muscle pain relief. If you want, you can also add relaxing essential oils such as lavender to it as they further help in reducing neck muscle pain.
  • Placing ice bag on the affected area too helps in getting great relief from neck muscle pain. Hold bag on the affected place for about 10 minutes so that ice cools down muscles and reduces pain and swelling associated with the condition.
  • Getting neck massage done by professional therapist also helps in getting rid of neck muscle pain in an effective way. An effective massage therapy will relax the affected area, release tension and lessen muscle pain magically. Avoid an amateur to perform the massage as they do more harm than good.
  • Bad posture is one important cause for getting neck pain. According to experts using posture braces can effectively help in maintaining good posture and can thus helps in relieving pain. You can check sites like for getting the best braces online.
  • Soak towel in hot water and wrap it around your neck area. Repeat process 10-15 times to reduce neck pain and to soothe tired and sore neck muscles.