Oral B Pro 1000: Best Entry-Level Electric Toothbrush for Everyday Use

Electric toothbrush is of increasing popularity these days and can be classified based on frequency and speed of movements.

oral b pro 1000

The oral b pro 1000 tooth brush comes with a rechargeable battery, toothbrush head and a handle along. In most cases, the company also offers you with a coupon code that will help you in replacing your existing electric toothbrush with a new one.

This oral b pro 1000 has circular bristles that are soft and does not hurt your gum while using it. This circular bristles oscillate while use and cleans your gum with very little effort compared to usual tooth brush. Unlike traditional tooth brush this electric brush is quick in action help you brush fast.

The oral b pro 1000 toothbrush has an attractive blue and white color, the blue colored portion is made of rubber and gives you better grip while using this electric brush.

There are two light indicators that have a battery like shape and give you real time information on battery life. It is differently colored to give you details about battery life. Once the electric tooth brush is completely charged, the color turns to green indicating charge.

This awesome entry-level electric toothbrush is designed in such a way that it sits comfortably on the charger. One important thing here is that you need to be completely sure to keep this charging space clean.

It is of priority because there are high chances that the charging space gets dirty or gunky over a period of time and will require you to replace it with a new one. One way of ensuring this is by washing your toothbrush after every use so that it your brush is clean always.

With this oral b pro 1000 in hand you also get an advantage of taking away additional seven toothbrush heads with you. This can be purchased separately also or along with packaging.