Past Life Regression Readings

Past life regression readings will enable one to give therapeutic recall sessions of previous lives to efficiently respond to the problems of the afflicted. The readings will make one understand the intricate holistic relationship between the emotional and spiritual upheavals faced with that of body and mind plane effects.

The past life regression readings will revolve around the tenets of Karma i.e. every effect has a related cause. One will come to learn how the typical reactions and responses to problems are related to karmas of past lives.

A learned therapist can guide someone back to a period prior to birth and provide effective healing to the problems being endured in this lifetime by establishing the relationship of root causes with that of the actions before birth.

The readings will teach one how to identify and classify issues based on relationship, long time ailments, phobia, addictive nature, sexual malfunctioning, incomprehensible fondness or hatred for someone, repetitive nightmares, and typical unreasonable fears and so on.

The past life regression readings will make the potential therapist pick up the subtle elusive line of differentiation with psychotherapy, which is concerned more with searching for solutions in present life rather than digging for the source.

Understanding Past Life Regression Readings

The readings will allow one to move deeper into the intertwined layers of the mental plane rather than floating on the intellectual level. Profound emotional bonds and experiences will be unlocked that will bring about a transformation and refresh the blots of the past stacked up in the cellular memory.

The healing stage will be hastened as one will have an understanding and feeling of the problem’s source to a profound level. The readings will make one feel the enjoyment and value of self discovery that will weed out traumatic attachments with previous lives.

The readings will prove to be of immense help in transforming the lives of people who are stuck in intolerable misery and cannot seek the path to escape owing to the fact that they are attributing the causes to happening of present life. The readings are great in terms of making one unlock his full potential and hinder the devilish attempts of past experiences from coloring the present life.

Past life regression readings will pave the way for becoming self contained therapists who can make others torn by emotional and mental turmoils to realize their full potential by unlocking hidden talents in them and saving them from the snares of recurrent nightmares whose root is deeply ingrained in the cellular memory carrying impressions of past karmas.

Benefits of Past Life Regression Readings

One who has undergone past life regression readings can make others understand the cause for having inexplicable fondness or aversion for someone. This will lead to developing a compassionate outlook for people who have occupied the hatred corner in the heart of the afflicted.

This will erase tendencies of self sabotage, excessive depression owing to not being able to avenge oneself of the malefic forces, which consumes a significant portion of the vital life force. This will free up positive energy to be invested for the betterment of life.

The purpose of life will be revealed and the cause for incarnation will be established. This will make the patient recover from the overwhelming and recurrent fear of death. Greater feeling of inner peace and love will prevail which will boost self acceptance.

This will emanate from the understanding that one is responsible for the present circumstances that are influencing his life current and one need to pay for the actions of the past and learn his readings. The awesome techniques will make one unwind and is applicable to all transcending religious and belief barriers.

The readings will make the potential therapist understand methodically how to interview the patient and systematically approach his case. The recurrent nature of the patterns that are creating problems have to be understood to poke the subconscious mental plane for opening up the vista of past life that relates to the problem at hand.

Creating a focus for the session and following it by channelized meditation will aid in inducing deep relaxation which will guide the patient to access vital subconscious bits from past lives and collate them to land on a logical reason. The patient has to be made comfortable before setting out on the journey.